However, Khoirul isn't dwelling on the past... | 22 Words

A tragic, modern-day love story.

A man who married his rice cooker got divorced from it just 4 days later.

Now, I love my rice cooker because it makes my life so much easier. No hard work. No burning your hands. Just a quick and easy contraption to get perfectly fluffy rice.


So I can understand why one would want to make sure they always have one in the house.

What I can't understand though is why someone would want to take things to the next level and marry one.

Indonesian man, Khoirul Anam, did just that when he decided to marry his rice cooker.

Initially, Khoirul had a full-blown ceremony in which he dressed up, and even got the rice cooker dolled up, so they could exchange vows. After promising to devote his life to the kitchen appliance, he posted some pictures to Facebook with a weird caption, praising it for the happiness it brings him.

He described it as "white, loving, obedient", also adding that, "without you [the cooker] my rice is not cooked."

And we thought romance was dead...

Well, it seems as though it is because things went downhill pretty quickly (as most relationships do after marriage).

Khoirul decided the ball-and-chain life just wasn't for him and thus called it quits just 4 days after committing. He also mentioned that the only thing the rice cooker did was... Cook rice. Well, I don't know what else he was expecting, but I guess you never really know someone (or something) until you're married to them.

However, Khoirul isn't dwelling on the past...

In a new update, it seems as though he's already rebounding with a new rice cooker. This one is similar to his former lover but it's got a blue lid! Can you believe it? The boy moves fast, that's for sure.

Let's just hope they all stay amicable throughout this difficult period.