Guy Shares Meal With Old Lady at McDonald's | 22 Words

There has, and always will be, a social divide between elderly people and teenagers.

Today's generation of Gen Zs will totally pass any old people by, what with their man buns, electric scooters, FaceTiming, and TikToks. However, if younger people actually stopped and took the time to speak to the older generations, they'd realize they're just about the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

A man named Eric Haralson proved this after he was approached by an elderly woman named Jan, who was eating alone in McDonald's. Earlier, Jan had been shunned by a group of teenagers with whom she tried to start a conversation.

Eric, who we can fairly assume is a great human being, noticed Jan's attempts to talk to the young men in the restaurant.

"One of the kids had a man bun," Eric told Good Morning America. "She was very intrigued by it and asked what made him come up with that hairstyle.

"They didn't talk to her that much. She said 'what, did I scare them off?' I said 'I guess you did'."

However, after this ordeal, Jan, who was seventy years old at the time this beautiful tale unraveled, did not end up dining alone.

She noticed twenty-eight-year-old Eric also eating alone, so asked him if they could eat together.

"My reply was 'of course' because that's just who I am," he told TODAY. "So she grabbed her food, I pushed her chair out for her and introduced myself."


According to TODAY, the pair sat, ate and chatted for forty-five minutes, right up until Eric escorted Jan to her car in the parking lot. They then exchanged numbers, solidifying their friendship as perhaps the greatest of all time.

The pair's adorable breakfast date was sent into astronomical heights of viral-ness when it was snapped by Amanda Craft, a teacher from Noblesville, Indiana.

She snapped a picture of the 2 enjoying their meal and shared it to social media.

"Shout out to this guy! This elderly lady (seemed to be a little lonely) came up to him and asked if she could sit with him," she wrote.

"My friends and I watched him introduce himself and shake her hand. They talked and laughed together like they were friends. They didn't know each other, and they couldn't be more different. But today they shared a meal together and it touched our hearts."

There's no prizes for guessing that the post got tens of thousands of likes, shares and comments.

Speaking about their impromptu breakfast date, Eric told TODAY: "She is a wonderful woman. She mentioned many times how we all should love one another, and how we should not judge anyone because you never know how their day is going and what they've been through."

We should all be taking a leaf out of Eric's book. You never know what a person (of any age) is going through; just a small chat could really change their day.

Well done, Eric.