This means that the thought of anything happening to them is unbearable... | 22 Words

A mom recently experienced one of the worst things imaginable when a thief stole her car with her child sat in the back. But thankfully for her, the thief returned her child before lecturing her about parenting.

Shocking, we know! Read on for the full story...

Now, all of us parents can agree that raising a child is hard.


It requires a ton of responsibility and it most certainly is the challenge of a life time.

Of course, the sleepless nights, the exhaustion, and the hard work are totally worth it...


Because our children mean the entire world to us!

This means that the thought of anything happening to them is unbearable...

And although we do everything in our power to keep them safe, things can always go wrong.

We can literally take our eyes off our kids for 3 seconds when out in public...


And the worst thing imaginable is them disappearing or being taken by a stranger.

It's not worth thinking about, is it?

​Well, this is exactly what one mom recently went through when her car was stolen with her child in the back seat! But thankfully for the distraught mom, the thief returned with a very harsh message for her.

Yep, it was a bizarre turn of events...

And people online have had a lot to say about the incident and how the mom should be learning a hard lesson from it all.

Now, the incident occurred outside of a grocery store in Beaverton, Oregon on Saturday...


A mom, who has remained anonymous, parked up her car and went inside a grocery store to buy a gallon of milk and some meat, according to The Oregonian.

The mom left her car unlocked with the engine running...


All while her 4-year-old child was strapped into their carseat in the back seat.

This was an unbelievably risky move on the mom's part...

And the worst possible thing happened when a thief just happened to be walking by and noticed the unlocked car.

According to the New York Post, the unnamed man hopped into the car and quickly drove away.

But the thief quickly realized there was a child sitting quietly in the back...​


And with him only having intentions to steal a car, he made a quick U-turn and returned to the grocery store.

Of course, the mom was overcome with relief when her child was returned to her...

But the thief decided to have some very stern words with her over how she left her child unattended in an unlocked car.

According to Beaverton police spokesman Officer Matt Henderson, the thief gave the mom a piece of his mind.

"He actually lectured the mother for leaving the child in the car and threatened to call the police on her," Henderson said.

The mom grabbed her kid on the thief's orders before he again drove off with her car, cops said.


"Obviously, we're thankful he brought the little one back and had the decency to do that," Henderson said.

The thief is yet to be caught with the stolen car...​

But we're sure that the mom is just happy to have her child back, and we're also sure she's learned a very serious lesson from this reckless mistake.

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