French Marathon Runner 'Deliberately Knocks Over All the Water' | 22 Words

A French marathon runner is being berated online as footage surfaced showing him knocking over an entire row of water before grabbing the last one. Morhad Amdouni is being accused of doing this to inhibit others from having access to water.

Amdouni finished fourteenth in the twenty-six-mile race in sweltering conditions, just 6 minutes behind winner Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya.

However, Amdouni's actions are now being scrutinized online.

In the video, the French runner, joined his fellow competitors in reaching for a water bottle, however as other runners can be seen cleanly picking up a bottle, Amdouni seemed to knock over as many bottles as possible before picking up the last one and continuing on with the race.

His actions, deliberate or accidental, had real consequences, as it left the group of runners near Amdouni without any water to drink in the final leg of the race as they battled against the oppressive heat.

An Australian long-distance runner noticed the incident and highlighted it on social media, bagging attention, not only from average folk, but the likes of Piers Morgan, too.

"BREAKING: The Gold medal for biggest d***head of the Tokyo Olympics goes to French marathon runner Morhad Amdouni who deliberately knocks over all the water for his fellow competitors… Unbelievable!

However, not all of those who watched the video believed the act was deliberate, instead of pointing out that there was another table of water bottles just ahead where other runners could still get hydrated.

"IMO that's a winners mentality, screw the others, no prize for being nice in individual sports. If that's his method then fair play, I'm sure someone will do the same to him one day," one Twitter-user wrote.

"He's clearly stumbling. There was a water table right after. Would love to see you try and collect a water bottle at 17mph Piers," another wrote.

One suggested he should have been disqualified: "Should be banned. Totally disrespectful to everyone involved in the race and dangerous as his mission was to dehydrate the other runners."

The act didn't seem to help the Frenchman as it was Kenyan Kipchoge who finished first with an incredible performance, winning his second straight gold medal and cementing his place among the greatest of long-distance runners.

Abdi Nageeye of the Netherlands took silver, and Bashir Abdi from Belgium won bronze. Kipchoge, 36, joins Ethiopia's Abebe Bikila (1960 and 1964) and East Germany's Waldemar Cierpinski (1976 and 1980) as the only runners to win back-to-back gold medals on the Olympic stage.