Sleep Mask That’s Also a Set of Headphones  To Help Sleep | 22 Words

We all know what it's like when our minds just won't switch off... It really does suck... But who can blame us? We've got so much on our mind nowadays that some nights it does take a little longer to clock off than others. You don't have to worry anymore, with Amazon's sleep mask that's also doubles up as a set of headphones! Yes, you read that right... Have a look for yourselves.

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Amazon now sells a wireless Bluetooth sleeping mask that also doubles as headphones! An absolute game-changer...


So, if you're struggling to hush the enormous list of thoughts swirling around your mind, you're in the right place!

Blackout blinds...who needs them when you've got a sleep mask that blocks out 100% of light?


I myself have blackout blinds, but they never really blackout all the light do they? There's always that slither of a street light that makes its way into disturbing your sleep cycle... But you no longer have to worry about that with this $20 headphone sleep mask that can be used at home, in the office, on a plane, and right before bed.

The sleep mask is super soft and suitable for sleeping on your side with the breathable material helping you get into your sleep as quickly as possible!


And with over 11,000 reviews and 4.4-stars, this product has people falling back in love with a beautiful stress-free life!

"Perfect item, works excellent," a reviewer wrote.


"This is a great idea! I'm used to going to bed listening to music but having my phone under the pillow was an unsafe thing to do. I'm glad I found this product because it doesn't only play music, it also gives me a complete blackout so I can fall asleep even if there's light (like when I get to nap during the day). I think this product is very well made, super soft and plushy, quite comfortable, and if a leave it a little loose I can actually sleep on my side," another person added.

And at just $22.59 you really can't resist!


You certainly won't be wasting your money! I mean who wouldn't want to invest in a healthy night's sleep?! I know I would... So, find out more today and get your very own musical sleeping mask.