Maskless Nurse Says She Doesn't Have to Follow the Rules | 22 Words

A nurse who refuses to wear facemasks has alarmed a lot of people this week after she said she doesn't follow the rules because she's a "hero"...

Because of course...


A nurse is the last person we'd expect to see not taking this pandemic seriously!

Now, throughout the last terrible year, we've experienced a whole array of wild conspiracy theories...

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And unbelievably, there is still a point of discussion as to whether the virus actually exists or whether it's simply a huge government-fabricated scheme.

Opinions on the matter have been well and truly divided...

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But the fact remains that there are far too many people who believe the pandemic is simply the government's way of "controlling us."

And sadly, as the months have slowly trickled by...

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More and more people have been joining the anti-COVID movement.

This ideology is not only dangerous to the people who believe in it...


But it is also incredibly damaging to the rest of us.

COVID-deniers have become known for refusing to wear masks or abide by social distancing...

Thus putting anyone they come into contact with at risk.

Not only is this attitude risking so many lives...


But it is also a huge slap in the face to those millions of key workers who have been putting their lives on the line every single day for the last year.

Of course, you'd think that all of the doctors and nurses on the frontline would feel angered over those refusing to wear masks...


But it seems as if one particular nurse isn't overly phased by it.

So much so...


That she has opened up about how she no longer feels the need to wear face masks due to the fact she's a "hero" and can now simply "do what she wants."


Of course, people aren't impressed...


The nurse in question is twenty-nine-year-old Jessica Faraone, who is from Toronto.

Last week, the nurse arrived back home in Toronto after spending a month in Tanzania and went viral after she filmed herself refusing to wear a mask in the airport.

Jessica seemed to know that was about to instigate trouble when she arrived at the airport, as she'd already begun recording herself before she even interacted with any officials.

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"Let's see what happens!" she's seen saying joyfully to the camera.

She went on to explain:

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​"So far, I have refused to stay in a hotel because I'm a Canadian citizen. I'm refusing to do the COVID test because I'm a Canadian citizen."

Jessica then filmed herself arguing with an airport official who clearly pulled her aside to question why she wasn't wearing a mask...

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And she is heard confidently saying, "I'm a frontline worker, actually, I'm considered a hero. I'm a registered nurse. I have freedom of speech, I can do what I want."

A border security agent is then heard reminding her that she was in a custom control area and she needed to respect the workers there.

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After another recording intermission, Jessica - who claimed to have had 2 negative COVID tests before boarding the plane - filmed herself as she left the airport.

"The moral of the story is, I walked out. I didn't even get a f***ing ticket. They said they'd mail it to me," she said.

"They tried to shame me because I'm a nurse and I should know better. And it's all f***ing bulls***."

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"They basically just wanted to shut me up, escort me out, so that other people couldn't hear what I was saying, because I was saying it to every person in the airport."

At home, after having some time to "digest" what happened, Jessica said the part that bothered her the most was that "the officers were really rude to me."

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"The public health nurses were extremely rude to me, shaming me, saying I should know better [because] I'm a nurse, threatening to report me to the College of Nurses."

But as it turned out, the public health nurses didn't need to report her because Jessica inadvertently reported herself by posting her video rants.

The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), her province's nursing regulatory body, has replied to several Twitter users and promised to notify the appropriate people.

According to the CNO, when nurses speak publicly and identify themselves as nurses, they're accountable to the CNO.

"Nurses have a professional responsibility to not publicly communicate anti-vaccination, anti-masking, and anti-distancing statements that contradict the available scientific evidence. Doing so may result in an investigation by CNO, and disciplinary proceedings when warranted," the website states.

But Jessica has continued to dig her heels in...

And has been taking to Instagram to claim that the virus really isn't as dangerous as people think and she is "completely allowed to have her own opinion."

What do you think?


Do you think Jessica is entitled to her own opinion and can do what she wants because she's a nurse? Or do you think her actions are both irresponsible and dangerous?