Matthew Lewis Says Alan Rickman Gave Him Good Career Advice | 22 Words

Years have passed since his death, but Alan Rickman continues to surprise us with his kindness and generosity - and now, Matthew Lewis has revealed a new story that just proves what a great man he really was.

The anecdote was heartwarming, that's for sure.

Now, Alan Rickman left behind nothing but good memories for us all.


He had roles in some of the biggest movies of his lifetime and was an undeniable talent.

He worked in the industry for many years.


And was exceptionally versatile in his choice of roles.

And of course...

We all remember Rickman for his incredible portrayal of Professor Snape in the beloved Harry Potter franchise.

But tragically, Rickman passed away in January of 2016...


Following a short battle with pancreatic cancer. He was sixty-nine years old.

But there are things many fans don't know about Rickman...

First of all, alongside his acting talents, he was also a prolific diary writer.

Rickman's diaries from the last twenty-five years of his life are set to be compiled and published for fans to enjoy.

They will be made public in Autumn 2022.

"The diaries reveal not just Alan Rickman the actor, but the real Alan."


"His sense of humor, his sharp observation, his craftsmanship, and his devotion to the arts."

They certainly sound like a must-read.


Publisher Alan Taylor has called them "anecdotal, indiscreet, witty, gossipy and utterly candid."

"They make for compulsive reading and offer a peerless insight into the daily life of a remarkable actor who was as beloved in the U.S as he surely was in the U.K."


"More than anything though, the diaries reveal the real Alan Rickman, funny, passionate, occasionally provocative, and give fresh insight into his art."

"He wrote his diaries as if chatting with a close friend."


"They provide pitch-perfect vignettes: short, pithy paragraphs painting big pictures, and offering intriguing insights into himself, his peers and the world around him."

"They are intimate, perceptive, and very funny."

We wouldn't expect anything less!

And it's no secret that his charms seep beyond just his writing...


Before his death, he left portions of his fortune to various different charities. The actor leftover $5 million in his will including legacies of $135,000 to 2 other charities.

He also left $33,000 each to art schools...


Including the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Sponsored Arts for Education, the Facial Surgery Research Foundation, and the International Performers Aid Trust.

All his fellow co-stars have nothing but kind words to say about his generosity as a human being.


On the fifth anniversary of his death, Kate Winslet paid homage to the actor with some heartwarming anecdotes which only made us miss him more.

Winslet revealed he'd secretly pay for dinners with close friends without their knowledge...


And even when they protested or offered to pick it up themselves, he would never let them.

In a piece she penned for Entertainment Weekly back in 2017, she said this:


"He was always a great big softy. If there was one word I could use to really describe Al, it would be kind. He was so kind."

She continued:


"At Al's memorial, Juliet Stevenson told the story of how whenever Al would go out to supper and anyone else would try and pay, he would somehow have phoned ahead or slipped his credit card ahead of the meal so no one even got a look at the cheque."

"He'd just say, ''I've got two words for you: Harry Potter.'' And he became known for doing that."


And if you're not convinced on just how generous this man is...

Take Matthew Lewis' word for it.


Lewis has also revealed yet another heartwarming story about the beloved star, recalling the day Rickman gave him some personal career advice.

On an episode of the podcast Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, he said this:


"I went to his trailer ... and I just said to him, 'Hey, I know it's your last day, and I just wanted to say this has been incredible to have worked with you for this long."

Lewis told Rickman how he was initially "terrified" of him but appreciated the time they worked together, even though it wasn't a lot.


"I just want to say thank you for allowing me to work with you for 10 years and not ever shouting at me or treating any of us as anything less than your equal," Lewis continued.

He also added that they had a lovely chat over a cup of tea. Classic.


"He was like, 'Come on in.' And he put the kettle on, and we had a cup of tea, and we just chatted about what I was going to do in my career going forward and what he recommended I do."

And he's not the only member of the Harry Potter cast to speak so highly of the late actor.


Daniel Radcliffe posted a heartwarming tribute to Rickman after he passed away, calling him one of the "loyalest and most supportive people I've ever met in the film industry."

He continued:


"He was so encouraging of me both on set and in the years post-Potter. I'm pretty sure he came and saw everything I ever did on stage both in London and New York. He didn't have to do that," Radcliffe wrote.

What a great man he was.


Rest in peace, Alan Rickman.

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