Medical Student Realizing Body in Anatomy Class Was Friend | 22 Words

A Nigerian medical student has recalled the moment he was left in tears during an anatomy class after he realized the body they were about to dissect was his deceased friend. Enya Egbe fled his medical class after coming to the realization that he knew the corpse he was asked to work on.

Although the horrific incident happened 7 years ago, to this day, Egbe can still vividly recall the experience.

Egbe and a group of fellow students had gathered around 3 cadavers at Nigeria's University of Calabar, when he realized that he recognized one of the bodies. Laid right in front of him was the body of his friend of 7 years, Divine, causing Egbe to run from the class screaming/

Speaking with the BBC about the dreadful experience, he said: "We used to go clubbing together. There were two bullet holes on the right side of his chest."

After Egbe ran away from the class, many students followed him to check he how he was, including Oyifo Ana who found Egbe weeping outside of the class. Once she realized the situation, she felt "so bad."

"Most of the cadavers we used in school had bullets in them," she told the BBC. "I felt so bad when I realised that some of the people may not be real criminals."


She also added that early one morning she had seen a police van loaded with bloodied bodies at their medical school, which had a mortuary attached to it.

Egbe decided to contact Divine's family about the incident when he learnt that they had been in search of him. Divine's family had contacted 3 different police stations in search of him after he and 3 friends were arrested by security agents while on the way home from a night out.

Thanks to Egbe, Divine's family were eventually able to reclaim his body from the medical school but the case highlighted a much wider on-going issue.

The shocking discovery highlighted the issue in Nigeria of both police brutality and the law whereby unclaimed bodies in government mortuaries are taken to medical schools, LadBible reports.

The incident was so traumatic for Egbe that he was left with lasting psychological damage. As a result, he had to take week off from his studies as he kept imaging Divine standing by the door of the anatomy room every time he tried to enter.

Eventually, Egbe ended up graduating a year after his classmates and has since secured a job working in a hospital lab.

Divine's family also managed to have some of the police officers involved in their son's murder fired.