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We are blessed to live in a time where everything seems to be a click away. In the digital age, it has become easier for pop culture fans to come together and appreciate what their fandom has to offer. And what's better than seeing a talented cosplayer dress up as popular, fictional characters? I'll tell you what, seeing a talented cosplayer dress up as unexpected, cult characters.

I'm about to introduce you to Mira Park, a nineteen-year-old with a creative flair like no other. We've compiled a list of some of her best costumes, including a very scarring image of Trump playing tennis, for your scrolling pleasure.

Prepare to be amazed...

This is Mira Park.

A nineteen-year-old cosplayer that has been sharing her own versions of weird, but amazing, costumes on Instagram.

She has managed to rack up an impressive 130,000 followers!

The internet just can't get enough of her creative designs. I mean, if you're going to dress up as iconic Sponegebob memes, then you're bound to gain fans quickly.

I've compiled a list of thirty-six of her most amazing cosplay outfits for your viewing pleasure...

I must warn you, though, some of these are pretty strange... enjoy!

36. Bane's Mask.

Mira expressed that no one actually cared about this costume until she put the mask on... So are you really telling me that no one cared about that perfectly blended eyeshadow??? People are crazy.

35. A Trixie Twist.

Obviously, Mira would have to pay homage to the original Asian queen, Trixie Tang,

34. Slay, girl, slay.

This is by "fa" the best facial expression I have ever seen.

33. The Girl on Fire.

The odds are certainly in your favor, Mira!

32. Anything is Possible.

Another icon from my childhood, Kim Possible. And, yet again, look at that perfect blend of the eyeshadow... wow.

31. Mira's "Eeveelution."

She can even transform herself into fictional animals! Impressive!

30. The baddest b*tch.

The day that Mira finished high school, she posted this masterpiece. Where can I buy those abs?

29. Samus' Return.

An intergalactic bounty-hunting legend.

28. "I'll be ready in 5 minutes!"

This is what I usually look like when my friends ask me if I'm on my way... Side note: I want to see more emojis brought to life!

27. Double trouble.

And it looks like my prayers have been answered.

26. Little... red dress?

This one creeped me out a little bit...

25. Medusa.

Don't look into her eyes...

24. "And I would have gotten away with it..."

@projectoninent commented, saying: "Any one who reps Velma, gets a new fan every time. Incredible work." We agree!

23. 2B.

Mira wrote in the caption that she almost broke her ankles walking around in these boots. I couldn't even get myself in them, let alone strut around in them! Props!

22. That anime though!

The comments on this post ranged from "cool outfit" to "step on my head." I'm somewhere in between the two.

21. It really is "Adventure Time."

Princess Bubblegum never looked so good!

20. A "Thiccle."

Mira wrote: "I’m leaving it up to yall as to whether you think this is a pickle rick cosplay or not." It's a yes from me.

19. Dun, dun, dun...


18. Patrick is a star!

It's the cone on top of her head that really completes this iconic meme look.

17. Magikarp.

"The first time I've ever seen Magikarp whiskers on a woman, and I am not disappointed."

16. Magikarp 2.0.

Mira made this whole entire outfit out of EVA foam and worbla... impressive isn't even the word. I'm gobsmacked.

15. "Steve s-senpai... don't eat me."

This post was extremely popular amongst the "Minecraft" community... no points for guessing why.

14. May the Lord be with you...

This is the best Farquaad costume I've ever seen. I said what I said.

13. Egg-head.

Um... let's move on because this one is creeping me out... a lot.

12. Ho, ho, ho.

That's an interesting take on Santa Clause. Regardless, it went down as a treat for some. Yikes.

11. A Pirate-Kitten Hybrid.

A weird combination, but keep going, sis.

10. On Wednesdays, we wear black.

Let's start of the top 10 with a nice, ol' classic.

9. Gary's got legs.

I've never seen a snail with legs.

8. "Life imitates art."

How can you not adore this recreation?

7. Aqua (Wo)Man.

Another one for all the "Minecraft" lovers out there.

6. M87.

I told you that the key to these amazing cosplay outfits was the eyeshadow... okay, well, maybe not exactly. But for this one, it's all about the eyes.

5. The Corpse Bride.

"Tell me, my dear, can a heart still break once it’s stopped beating?"

4.. Handsome Squidward... slightly debatable.

How could I not include this iconic meme? Impressive or what?

3. Tinky Winky.

I forgot that the Teletubbies didn't have eyebrows and now I'm scarred for life.

2. "I'll eat your heart out."

Chompette and her friends are doing bits in this cosplay scenario. We stan!

1. Make Cosplay Great Again.

This is an image that I never wanted to see... stick to golf, Mr. President.

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