Fox also spoke with the outletĀ about how "proud" she was of her boyfriend. | 22 Words

Megan Fox recently revealed that she wore her risque VMAs dress because she was told to by her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly...

Still not over Megan Fox's VMA dress?

Well, there's more to come...

After turning heads in an incredible embroidered sheer illusion dress by Mugler, that left almost everything on display...

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Fox has now revealed that she was not the person who selected her dress. It was, in fact, her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly who did.

While on the red carpet at the VMAs, the couple spoke with ET, where Megan revealed that the near-naked dress was Kelly's idea.

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When asked how they decided on their outfits for the show, Megan pointed to her boyfriend and joked: "He was like, 'You're gonna be naked tonight. I was like, 'Whatever you say, daddy!'"

Fox also spoke with the outlet about how "proud" she was of her boyfriend.

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"He's the most talented boy in the world," she said.

Fox then made it clear that after starring alongside him in the music video for "Bloody Valentine," she would be his only future co-star.

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"He's not allowed to have other h**s in his music videos," she said. "It's the queen or no one!"

Would you trust your partner to dress you for a red carpet event? I certainly wouldn't!