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The VMAs - the home of good music, petty scandals, and extreme fashion choices. And this year's latter award goes to Megan Fox for her totally see-through dress. But what's really got everyone talking is the star's recent announcement about why she wore the dress, and once you hear what she had to say, you'll understand why...

Megan Fox literally never fails to stun.

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And, once again, the star has gotten the internet's collective tongue wagging after her VMAs appearance at the weekend.

But Megan wasn't the only celeb to impress at the event.


First up, we have Latto.

The American rapper really brought the glam-factor to the red carpet.

Olivia Rodrigo.


The eighteen-year-old "good 4 u" singer wowed her fans at the VMAs with this stunning strapless coral Atelier Versace gown with a purple tulle material on top. She paired the look with butterfly earrings and a simple, yet effective behind-the-ear hairstyle.

We're in love.

Madison Beer.

Madison Beer showed us what she's made of with this bad b**** number. While I'm not crazy about the choice of heels, it doesn't matter because the dress does all the work.

Jenna Andrews.


I see a lot of people have gone for the extra-long side pony look this year and Jenna Andrews has pulled it off well. The long, rigid blazer adds a touch of sophistication (yes, even the rhinestone $ signs) to what would have otherwise been some sort of a bedroom cosplay outfit.

She gets a pass.



Okay, hear me out. That green turtle neck. Those shiny black shoes. Those earrings and that one strand of hair.

It's a look.

Avril Lavigne.


Here she is - The Queen of Hot Pink Plaid. Minus that horrendous little bag, Avril Lavigne served last night.

Adut Akech.


That's it. That's the post.

Leslie Grace.


Leslie Grace, ladies and gentlemen. Someone tattoo this look onto my forehead, pronto.

Shawn Mendes.


The baggy trousers are to die for. The shoes, not so much but Shawn Mendes makes it onto the list.

Quen Blackwell.


It's a yes from me.



Trendy emo boy vibes? I'm living for it.

Kamie Crawford.


I purposefully left Kamie Crawford's shoes out of this picture because they're an abomination. But other than that, she's slaying. As she should!

Winnie Harlow.


I'm not going to lie, I was pretty torn on Winnie Harlow's look but the more photos I saw, the more I was digging it. So well done, Winnie.

Iann Dior.


Purple ombre? Count me in.

Tate McRae.


The skirt with the synching waist? Yes. The transparent heel? Yes. The cropped blazer? Yes. The nude lip. Yes. It's a winner by Tate McRae.



I'm not usually the biggest fan of silver gowns, but there's just something beautiful about this one. The low neckline, the pleated metallic look at the hem, we love. Get it, Saweetie.



Another spectacular gown.

Halle Bailey.


Another one I debated over but I settled on simple but effective. Was it the right choice? I'm not sure.

Shay Mitchell.


Now this woman knows her colors and her style. You can just tell my this perfect fiery ensemble. Go Shay!

Now onto the main event... The worst dressed lot. And there are a few of them so grab yourself a nice, hot cup of coffee ladies and gentlemen.

First up on this list we have Ed Sheeran. While the British singer might be talented when it comes to making music, his choice in clothing is not as commendable.

This Versace blazer jacket looks so outdated. It's been around for so long that you can probably find the exact replica in Turkey for a fraction of the price.



Sometimes less isn't more.

Billie Eilish.


Hello, is that Billie? My high school science teacher rang and she's asked for her jumper dress back.

Billy Porter.


No Billy, no.

Alicia Keys.


What is with those knee-high boots on top of a full-body leotard? I'm actually gagging.

Charlie XCX.


As much as I usually love Charlie XCX's fashion choices, this one did not slap the way she intended. She looks like her clothes got caught on something (repeatedly) on the way to the event. Yikes.

Paris Hilton.


I get it, glitz and glamor is your thing. But this dress should have never been a thing.

Charli D'Amelio.


As cute as this outfit is, it's giving me best friend's sweet sixteen vibes. And that teddy bear purse. Stop it.

Chloe Bailey.


Chloe Bailey looks like she needs to go into the oven for about twenty minutes and then be topped with cheese and beans... Apparently it's a British thing.

Cindy Lauper.


Oh Cindy. What's wrong with this outfit? More like what's right about this outfit? From the unnecessary tulle bottom to suffocating collar on the leather jacket, I'm just not loving this look.

Vinny Guadagnino.


Okay, so separately these 2 items look great. Nice shirt, nice pants, but together... Messy. I don't make the rules... Oh wait, I do.

Camila Cabello.


Besides the corset, this gown is not the one. Come on, Camila, you know better.



And while we're on the topic of ex Fifth Harmony members, I expected more from Normani. Great performance though.



Spaghetti with red food coloring? Sounds about right.

Doja Cat.


Don't kill me for this one, but if she wasn't wearing that mauve drape over her dress, she would have ended up in the best-dressed list. And don't even get me started on the eye shadow because what the hell?

The Kid LAROI.


He's clearly been inspired by Cindy Lauper... And that's why he ended up in the worst-dressed section.

Lil Nas X.


I so wanted to like this outfit, I really did, but the sequins make me want to be sick. And the pants... Oh God. Straight legs? Should have gone for a flare...



Why is Ashnikko wearing crispy spider legs all over her dress? It's making me doubt my existence on this Godforsaken planet.



What is going on here? Whatever it is, I don't like it.

Dove Cameron.


What is the actual point of turning up if you're looking like this? Might as well stay at home, Dove.

Kacey Musgraves.


I know you think you're doing something here, Kacey, but honey, no. Why do you have a purple bush on your head? And more than that, did you pick that dress? The folded layers. The mini slit. The high neck. A combination for disaster.

And finally, we have the star of the show: Megan Fox.


Wow. Just wow.

Megan's revelation that she wore the dress because her boyfriend told her to, however, has caused even more of a stir than the dress itself...

Many were worried about the star's comment, noting that you shouldn't do something just because your partner wants you to do it; you should do it because you want to.

Others, however, loved Megan's honesty and brazen attitude.

"He was like 'you're gonna be naked tonight'," the star said when asked why she picked such a bold dress.

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"And I was like 'whatever you say, Daddy!"

Here's the video!

The reporter's face is all of us right now...