Megan Fox Says She Went to Hell After Hallucinogenic Trip | 22 Words

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, Megan Fox opened up about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly and admitted that they recently took a pretty trippy hallucinogenic that took her to hell for eternity. Yikes.

The model and actress revealed that she and MGK had recently drunk a hallucinogenic brew that is often used as a spiritual medicine among the indigenous people of the Amazon. The pair had traveled all the way to Costa Rica to take the drug according to Megan as it is illegal in the U.S, and they wanted to experience the trip in a proper setting with indigenous people.

She said that the way she saw it was that it would be "some kind of 5-star experience" like "glamping," but she soon discovered it was NOT glamorous at all.

"You don't get to eat after 1 p.m, you have to walk a very far distance to get your water, you can't shower because they're in a drought so you can't use the water," Megan explained. "Obviously, you need to respect the rainforest."

But she believed it was all part of "making yourself vulnerable so that you surrender to the experience."

At the start of the trip, she and MGK drank lemongrass tea with twenty other strangers until they vomited. This to Megan was "such a good bonding experience."

"I know it sounds crazy," Megan laughed. "But that gets you ready to then go into the ceremony that night." She explained how the "bonding experience" prepared them for what they were about to experience, by removing any sense of vanity, and helping "open up."

Her 3 long nights under the influence of ayahuasca were "incredibly intense," and her journey actually involved "going to hell for eternity."

The ingredient in ayahuasca is DMT, which is a very strong hallucinogen that can cause your perceptual awareness to change drastically.

"Eternity is torture in itself because there's no beginning, middle, or end, so you have, like, a real ego death," she explained. "It's your own psychological hell."

Megan believes that this medicine went "straight into her soul," adding that: "It takes you into the psychological prison you hold yourself in. It's your own version of hell. And I was definitely there."

The practice has actually been criticized over recent years though, with a lot of people hitting out at white westerners for traveling to appropriate and commodity the spiritual practices of other cultures for "personal enlightenment."

Shyama Golden writes "what definitely isn't new is white Westerners appropriating spiritual practices from other cultures and commodifying them for their personal enlightenment—and often, for their personal gain. One such recent "discovery" is ayahuasca, a ritual brew native to the Amazon, and the latest trendy tonic for White People Problems."

What do you think about Megan and MGK's recent experience?