Meghan Markle Could Become 'Bigger Than Oprah' in the US | 22 Words

Meghan Markle could become bigger than Oprah Winfrey in the US and she's most certainly the center of attention at the minute...

Markle has been celebrating her fortieth birthday on August 4th and thereon after with her latest initiative. Her campaign is branded '40x40' and helps women get back into work, but, according to PR officials, this is only the start for Markle.

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We may even see the star create an empire eventually...

"I fully expect them to have their own production company within 5 years and to be bigger than their A-list peers who are floating around Hollywood right now," Andy Barr, PR expert and founder of 10 Yetis, said to the Daily Mail.

"I believe she's looking to take Oprah's crown, which is ironic, considering she's given them a foothold in America."

Professor Shalit also reminded the nation that Americans view the royal marvels a lot differently than the Brits do: "Remember, how the Brits see them is not how the Americans see them. They are two of the most in-demand people in the Hollywood community. They have built up a close-knit circle of friends and a substantial team that will work with them to help them achieve what they set out to do."

He expressed that she'll be one of the most important and in-demand people in Hollywood within just 5 years.

And Markle is well demanded already...

But Barr thinks even higher of the sensation, saying he wouldn't be surprised if she will eventually run for president one day! President Markle may be all systems go.

But in Britain, there are some views controversial to the do-good social-climber...

Angela Levin, a Royal Biographer said: "Anyone else think that Meghan and her friend Melissa McCartney were mocking the Queen in the birthday video?

"Both holding old fashioned cups and saucers like Meghan used in her blog after first meeting with the Queen. Melissa sipping from the cup wearing a fancy hat and gloves?

"The mockery shows what she thinks of the Royal Family. She's got what she wanted and is confident she can outsmart us all. We just have to wait for Harry's outpouring in his memoir."

But even though people have their opinions, Prince Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the Queen herself all shared their best wishes for Markle's big fortieth birthday.

The Royal Instagram posted photos of Markle, alongside a message that read: "Wishing the Duchess of Sussex a very happy birthday today!"

This decision was dubbed as graceful, especially considering Harry only just released information that he'll be writing a memoir that will be released next year.

What are your opinions on Meghan and Harry?