Midwife Steps in Just as Mom Is Giving Birth at Bus Stop | 22 Words

A truly remarkable story of right place right time has shaken the internet this week.

Mom-to-be Becky Andrew was recently racing to the hospital in her car after her waters broke unexpectedly. But she realized the baby was coming even more quickly than she initially thought, and was forced to pull over to a bus stop near Pinderfields Hospital in Yorkshire, U.K.

But as they pulled up, fate stepped in. A midwife working at the hospital, Saskia Bulmer, stepped off the bus ready to start her shift - and noticed Becky and her partner Philip in distress.

Amazingly, Saskia stepped up and safely delivered baby Barnaby. The baby weighed a healthy 8lbs and was quickly wrapped up in dad Philip's shirt.

The hospital shared the incredible story on Facebook, writing, "As we finish the week we would like to share the wonderful story of Philip and Becky, who on July 25th welcomed their baby boy, Barnaby, into the world... at the bus stop outside Pinderfields Hospital! On the evening of Saturday, July 24th, Becky's waters had started to leak. Her contractions weren't heavy so she got comfortable at home and went to bed, only to wake up around 6 am with painful contractions every 3 minutes."

"Becky and Philip jumped into their car and phoned ahead to our Maternity department at Pinderfields to let them know that they were on their way. At 6.50 am, as they turned into the grounds of Pinderfields Hospital, Becky's waters broke in the car. Philip hurriedly parked up and tried to get Becky into the hospital, but due to how much pain she was in, it took a good five minutes for Philip to get her out of the car."

"As they reached the bus stop just outside of the entrance to Pinderfields, Becky started to feel that the baby was coming. Perfectly timed, the bus pulled up to the bus stop and midwife Saskia Bulmer got off to start her shift at the hospital. Saskia instructed Philip to take off his shirt to wrap the baby up, and within a few minutes, at 7.05 am, Barnaby was born. Saskia helped the couple to the Maternity unit where Barnaby was placed under a heat lamp to bring him back up to temperature. By 7.30 am it was all over. Congratulations to Philip and Becky on the birth of Barnaby Andrew. Your birth may not have been as planned, but it will certainly be one to remember."

People are simply loving this happy coincidence. "Aww congratulations what a lovely story to tell Barneby when he's old enough," wrote one Facebook commenter. "Amazing story, very similar to me I gave birth to my son outside Gloucester Royal on the 18th of June was so grateful to the paramedics who helped me as all happened quickly. Can't thank all these hospital staff enough for all that they do. Congratulations!" another added.

How heartwarming! Congratulations on your happy arrival, Becky and Philip!