Heartbreaking Video Shows Migrant Boy Swimming From Morocco to Spain Using Plastic Bottles To Stay Afloat | 22 Words

The European migrant crisis is reaching a breaking point - as one tragic video has encapsulated.

For months now, Morrocan citizens have been fleeing their country.


There's been a diplomatic row over providing medical treatment.

​Spain has accused Morroco of "blackmail" after allowing migrants to reach the Spanish coast.


As huge number of migrants are swimming across using very unsafe methods.

But one particular video has gone viral this week.


It shows a young boy attempting the treacherous journey using water bottles as swimming aids.

Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles said Morocco's actions were "an aggression of Spanish borders and of the borders of the European Union."


"I have no future here, I want to work to help my family,'" the seventeen-year-old in the videos explained.

"One day I will try my luck again and I will make it."


He is one of eight-thousand crossing the borders in water every day.

Watch the heartbreaking footage here.

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