Missing Man Tracked Down After Police Find Hidden Message | 22 Words

In a series of events that are almost stranger than fiction, a man who was missing in the UK has been found thanks to a bizarre clue on a Christmas card ...

People going missing is always mysterious ...

But this story is truly mind-boggling.

It's hard to go missing nowadays.

Given the fact that technology is spookily tracking our every move...

But it is possible.

Which makes missing person stories all the more mysterious!

But one story is absolutely blowing the internet's minds this week.

As a missing man has been found - in a truly incredible turn of events.

It seemed like a total mystery.

But the police managed to solve it - going above and beyond the call of duty!

The investigation into the sixty-seven-year-old man, from Crook, County Durham, had hit a dead-end.

But then police made a discovery.

They'd had no way of contacting the missing man.

But when searching his mail, they found a clever clue.

On the back of a Christmas card, they saw an indentation.

And upon closer inspection, they saw it was a phone number.

They followed up on this and found an address.

And when they found the man safe and well and staying with friends.

Bishop Auckland Response Inspector, David Littlefair, was very impressed by the investigation.

"When someone is reported missing it is a worrying time for family and friends and officers will do everything they can to reunite people as quickly as possible."

"Because of the officers' thoroughness, the missing person was quickly spoken to who confirmed he was safe and well, resulting in a positive outcome and bringing the long investigation to a successful close."

"It's the kind of thing you see in the movies but it really does show how dedicated our officers are and sometimes you just have to follow your gut instincts – well done Bruno and Martin!"