People Are Now Mixing Nutella With Their Pasta | 22 Words

The internet has been left feeling very upset this week after people shared that they are now mixing Nutella with their pasta as part of a new - and. very bizarre - trend.

Now, when it comes to pasta sauces, there's plenty of great choices out there such as pesto or alfredo... or even just plain tomato! But now, there's a new pasta sauce that people are trying and it's not what you would expect...

Because people are now covering their pasta in Nutella.

A man took to Twitter earlier this month to share a snap of his very interesting creation, Nutella pasta.

Alongside a picture of the pot of Nutella and their chocolate pasta, the Twitter user wrote: "I'm LIVING MY LIFEEEE."

And it's drawn a lot of attention...

People have taken to social media to share their disgust at the idea of having chocolate-covered pasta.

"You do you. I however wouldn't touch it even if I was in the later stages of malnutrition," one person wrote.

"If Elf can put syrup on pasta, I guess Nutella on pasta is ok, lol," said another.

"Well it is Italian and if pasta & squid ink is a delicacy why wouldn't this be also in Mexican cuisine chocolate is used in many dishes that Americans would find distasteful," a third person added.

One person even made a very interesting point of asking: "Wasn't chocolate pasta a thing in the '80s? Not saying that makes it right, lol."

However, despite a significant amount of people cringing at the idea of Nutella and pasta, some people have been a little more open towards it.

"Think my grandkids would really like this, will try next time they're here. They put on everything already," someone wrote.

While others added: "Now? I've been doing this since 2005!"

One person even claimed that chocolate and pasta recipes are quite common in Italy.

"In Italy, there's quite a few pasta and Nutella recipes and pizza too," they wrote.

We think we'll stick to pesto pasta, but what do you think of the idea? Will you be trying Nutella on your pasta next time?