Mom Discovers Baby Has the Same Birthmark as Her Late Dog | 22 Words

A pair of heartbroken pet parents were dealing with the loss of their beloved Samoyed when they were greeted with the best possible news ever. After losing their dog Reno just hours earlier, the couple found out that they were expecting a little baby!

As per, the now new mother from China had twelve wholesome years with her adored pup - He was always by her side and was literally the dream pet.

The Wang family lost Reno to a combination of acute kidney failure, cancer, and pancreatitis. The heartbreaking pain was lifted just a little bit when they discovered they'd be parents to a little mini Wang.


Upon welcoming their son into the world, the couple still found themselves grieving tremendously over their 1st baby, fluffy little Reno. But as it turns out, he was very close to the family this whole time, even without being there by their side.

As Wang Jr grew older, a grey birthmark began to develop on his left arm, with the mom making an incredible connection to Reno, who had a similar mark in the exact same spot. Weird right?

Before Reno passed away, he began to lick his front left leg, making his fur fall out in that area which lead to a color change in the fur that grew back. This caused a dark spot in the same area as their new son's birthmark.

"Recently, the birthmark has become more and more obvious. When a friend reminded me of Reno's scar also on the left leg, I was shocked. I cried a lot when I noticed the connection with Reno. I love Reno so much," the mom said.

This world is truly a magical place, and this definitely feels like a magical moment...

We send all our love to the Wang family as they heal from the loss of their beautiful 4-legged baby and a massive congratulations on the birth of your adorable baby boy.