Mom Horrified After Husband Sends Uncropped Photo To Family | 22 Words

One mom got the fright of her life after giving birth when she saw the picture her husband sent to his family...

Welcoming a child into the world is an amazing experience.

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The whole thing is truly magical. It's something that releases the inner warriors in us women after the nine months of pregnancy.

The labor isn't so magical, however...

The labor of childbirth is known for being one of the most painful things that the human body can experience.

A combination of intense muscle tightening and abdomen cramps, let's just say it's certainly no walk in the park.

Labor is different for every woman.

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Despite the fact that labor is pretty much guaranteed to be painful, it varies slightly for every woman; no labor is the same.

And when the baby finally arrives...

It's a moment the whole family wants to be involved with.

Pictures after labor can capture the pure happiness of being a new parent.


However, one mom was in for the surprise of her life after she realized what her husband sent to their entire family...

TikTok user @wenfreed shared her story in a short video...

In which she explained her traumatic experience.

She said her husband started taking candid photos around the delivery room after she gave birth...

He was clearly excited to share the good news with the rest of his family, however, one of the photos showed a little more than his wife wanted.

Her story led to a lot of comments from women with similar experiences...


It turns out her hospital gown was still halfway up her waist...


Meaning that everything was on show.

Since it went up, the video has been viewed more than 780,000 times...


It shows Wendy totally mortified after learning that her husband sent pictures of her private parts to his family.

She wrote: "Remembering when my husband sent pics to his whole family on a group text just after our son was born without cropping them."


Explaining how she was "completely uncovered from the waist down, legs still in stirrups" she shared the picture in the video, this time covering her modesty.

It seems that many other women sympathize with her, and have even been through the same thing...


One person wrote: "I thought this was gonna be about your face.... like looking disheveled after labor and not cropping you out the pic. But this is SO much better."

Another said: "God I'd kill my husband."

A third commented: "Well at least you know you're a part of the family now."

Check out the hilarious video below...


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So embarrassing!

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