'Mom' Facing Eviction With Three Kids is the Babysitter | 22 Words

Do you remember that Las Vegas "Mom" who claimed she was facing eviction with her 3 children so she received $200,000 from donors? Well, it's been revealed she was actually just their babysitter.

Dasha Kelly originally spoke to CNN about her potential eviction, before later admitting that she was not in fact the mother of the three children she spoke of in her story. The thirty-two-year-old confessed that she wasn't the biological mother of the 3 girls but was, in fact, babysitting them for her boyfriend.

Kelly, under the pretense of being the mother of the 3 girls, who are 5, 6, and 8 years old, originally told CNN how she wanted to "tell everybody thank you so much", after hearing how much money had been raised to save her "family" from an alleged eviction.

All 3 kids referred to her as their mother throughout the segment.

The "family" was originally featured in a CNN story about the federal eviction moratorium and aired on August 9th. CNN said Kelly's story "generated a lot of interest" after its initial report, which featured video footage of her and the girls inside her home after the network found her online fundraiser.

The so-called "mom" had told CNN that she had lost her job in a casino as the global pandemic had caused all casinos too close. It was reported that Kelly had started a GoFundMe on Monday night with a goal of $1,900 to raise money to cover the back rent she claimed she owned.

"My name is Kelly and I have 3 daughters in Nevada," her plea read. "We were maintaining just before this pandemic hit. Now we are suffering … Please help with anything you can."

In just twenty-four hours, the campaign had raised more than $170,000 from 2,700 generous donations.

CNN reported in a later update that while Kelly spends a "significant" amount of time caring for the children, the young girl's biological mother identified herself as Shadia Halo.

Halo, who is named as the mother on all children's birth certificates was "understandably upset" by Kelly claiming them as hers. Kelly explained how she let them call her mother because she believes she is a maternal figure to the girls.

Kelly went on to further appear on CNN for a second time with Missouri Rep. Congressman Cori Bush, who told Kelly she loved her and "will not stop working to make sure you and every person in our country has what they need to thrive."

Kelly has since clarified on the fundraiser page, which has raised more than $212,000, that she is a "mother-figure" rather than implying she is the biological mother. A GoFundMe rep told CNN that no funds have been withdrawn and they will stay on hold until they can verify Kelly's information.

"I take care of these girls in my home for periods of time, and have for the last couple years," Kelly wrote. "I've loved these girls unconditionally, and have been out of the kindness of my heart. I treat them as my daughters, and care for them in this way."

The girls will be returning to Halo's home for the start of the school year, CNN reported.