Outrage as Mom Puts Her Kids on Facebook Live and Asks Her Friends to Babysit | 22 Words

A mom has gone viral this week for an extremely casual approach to childcare...

Now, all parents can agree...

Finding a trustworthy babysitter is hard.

We're trusting a stranger to look after our most prized possessions...

Our children.

It's safe to say childcare can be a huge stress.

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The risks of something going wrong are always there.

Allowing someone into your home is risky enough...

We've all heard the horror stories, haven't we?

It's never as straightforward as it seems.

But one woman had a rather unique approach to babysitting this week...

And the internet did not know what to make of it.

We have to admit, it is pretty shocking.

A mom was watching her kids while live streaming.

But when she needed to step away, she had an innovative idea ..

She needed to go outside for a cigarette.

So she put her kids down in front of the screen, asking the streamers to keep an eye on them.

"Can y'all watch them while I go smoke?" she captioned the video.

But her odd idea quickly went viral, with more than 6,000 viewers tuning in.

Many of the viewers took their job quite seriously.

"Get down," commented one.

"Stop playing on that damn couch!" another wrote.

​But then the picture was shared on Reddit.

And people saw less of a funny side.

Here are the shocking images.

What do you think of this babysitting technique?

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