Surprised Mom Gives Birth to Her Son on the Side of the Road | 22 Words

A mom recently gave birth to her ten-pound son on the side of a road outside of the wrong hospital in a borrowed car as midwives rushed to help her out of the front seat.

Tanika Brincat delivered baby Marco in her car in front of Osborne Park Hospital in Perth's northern suburbs after her contractions began during her toddler's swimming lesson on Sunday morning.


Her husband Mathew was quickly forced to take an exit off the Mitchell Highway and he found the closest hospital he could.

"My body started crowning, I couldn't stop it, it was just doing it on its own," Tanika told 9 News.

Mathew sprinted inside to get help for Tanika after they had pulled up, with 2 midwives following him outside to help the soon-to-be mom-of-ten-pound-son Marco, carrying towels for the birth.

Tanika was in a late model hatchback that was able to recline fully, allowing her to get into a comfortable position for Marco to be naturally born.

And after her rather shocking and unexpected way of giving birth, she was then wheeled into the hospital and made comfortable on a bed before spending the night and being discharged the next day.

The proud dad explained how he cut his son's umbilical cord, saying: "The midwife gave me the scissors and she's here and I'm leaning in and it was a very delicate operation because there's not much room for error."

People loved hearing the unexpected and heartwarming story of how Tanika gave birth...

"Adorable, glad someone could help. Now, there's a story for show & tell in a few years time," one person wrote on Facebook.

"Congratulations good job mum and dad welcome little Marco," another person wrote.

Tanika even updated her Facebook cover photo with a picture of her older son and little Marco sleeping in his adorable giraffe onesie.

And just look at how beautiful he is!