Distraught Mom Issues Warning Against 'Nightmare' Tiktok Trend That Almost Killed Her Son | 22 Words

People have been left horrified after a mom issued a warning over a potentially deadly TikTok trend that almost killed her son...

And led to several inches of his bowel being removed.


This story just goes to show the dangers of the popular video-making app.

Now, we all know that TikTok has well and truly taken over the world since it was launched in 2016...


And the app currently has more than 680 million active users around the world, according to recent statistics.

It's wildly popular...

But there's no denying that the app is certainly overridden by the younger generation.

Which isn't a problem, of course, until youngsters are exposed to some pretty gristly stuff.

TikTok has become notorious for its "challenges" that often include young people taking part in disturbing and dangerous tasks.

For example...


The "skull breaker" challenge was trending heavily last year, which involved 3 people standing next to one another in a line, and when the person in the middle jumps in the air, the people on either side kick out the legs of the middle person.

This leads to countless head injuries and skull fractures; especially among young people and children.

The "full face wax" challenge was also notoriously dangerous...

It involved waxers and amateurs pouring wax all over a person's face, including their eyes and nose, which would result in serious burns and - in more serious cases - the removal of skin.


And not to mention the scarily high number of suicide videos that have been live-streamed on the app...


Which sadly made their way onto the screens of children's phones.

Parents from all around the world have been slamming the app for quite some time now...

And many have been demanding for it to be banned completely in the interest of child safety.

The most recent concern for child safety on the app comes from a mom...


She has issued a warning about a potentially deadly new TikTok trend after it almost killed her son...

And it's left people horrified.


Eleven-year-old, Ellis Trip from the UK, was left fighting for his life after swallowing 5 tiny magnetic balls.


It all began when Ellis was rushed to hospital by his mom after he experienced severe stomach pains for over a week.

Doctors originally suspected that Ellis had suffered a burst appendix...


However, while operating surgeons found their operating tools attached to the magnets balls in his stomach.

Ellis was then transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital and admitted for surgery to have 3 of the balls removed.


The following day, he underwent another surgery to remove the other balls which resulted in 5 inches of his intestine being removed.

Although unclear how the balls need up in Ellis' body, it is suspected that he may have been attempting a TikTok trend in which people pretend to have their tongue pierced.


Issuing a plea in a Facebook post, Ellis' mom, Amy Clarke, wrote: "I'm in a nightmare. This TikTok craze could/would have killed him if left any longer. Please talk to your children and tell them how DANGEROUS THESE ARE."

"Magneto Beads are deadly if swallowed. They even have them in educational/childcare settings for children to play with. DESTROY THEM…!!!!!"


The family are said to be unsure how Ellis had access to the balls as they do not have them at home.

Ellis' grandmother, Sue Davies said surgeons revealed Ellis was the fifth youngster in a week they had treated for swallowing magnets, the Independent reports.


"He is seriously, seriously ill. Two major surgeries in just a few days aren't good for anybody, let alone a child. I am absolutely gutted, it's a very worrying time," she said.

"It has been a truly horrific experience. We didn't think this could have ever happened to us, these tiny magnetic balls have caused such damage."


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