Mom Makes Argument Why 12 Weeks Maternity Leave Isn't Enough | 22 Words

A working mom has made the best argument for why twelve weeks of maternity leave simply isn't enough and her post has responated with so many, for a very big reason.

There's been a huge reaction from so many exhausted parents online.


Read on to hear what the mom had to say...

Now, as all of us parents can agree...


Maternity leave is one of the most important things for working moms and dads when they welcome a baby into the world.

Because having a baby is both physically and emotionally exhausting...


Especially for new parents.

Time away from jobs and the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life is vital for parents to bond and adjust to their baby...


But sadly, for the majority of moms and dads, this time off isn't long lived.

In the United States, the majority of working moms only get twelve weeks of paid maternity leave...

And even though twelve weeks seems like a long time to many, it most certainly isn't for exhausted moms who have been caring for a newborn baby around the clock for weeks on end.

It's typical for many American moms to have far less than twelve weeks of leave...


And even though Vice President Kamala Harris proposed a bill that would give every new parent 6 months of paid leave, this kind of change is yet to come into effect.

So many moms go back to work when they don't feel ready to...

And the majority feel emotionally unprepared for their return to "normality."

Oh, and not to mention the terrible assumption that maternity leave is simply a "baby vacation"... because it's the exact opposite of a vacation, FYI.

Well, one working mom has decided to speak out and break the stigma surrounding maternity leave.


Rachael Larsen, a director of product operations at a Salt Lake City, Utah education company, recently shared a photo of her from her first day back at work after her second maternity leave 4 years ago along with some brutal honesty.

It's gotten moms from all around the world discussing how short maternity leave can be...


And many have been sharing their own harrowing experiences of being forced back into work way too early.

Rachael shared this emotional photo of herself on her LinkedIn page from 4 years ago and started by writing:

"It took me 4 years to have the courage to share this photo. Even now, it's hard to look at. The shame around raising a family and working full-time is real," she said.

"I took this on my first day back to work after my second daughter was born. I wasn't ready. My daughter wasn't ready. She wasn't sleeping and was extremely fussy. I woke up five times the night before to feed her. I was exhausted. As a majority income source for our family, I was forced to suck it up, put on a smile, and get back to work."

Rachael acknowledged how lucky she is as a mom compared to others.


"I know that I am extremely privileged. I was able to have some partial pay during my maternity leave and I was able to take twelve weeks off. I had a job that I loved at an amazing company with great bosses. I had a daycare facility that I could afford with great teachers I trusted. But… I was not ready."

"We need to do more to support parents and families."


"It may have taken me 4 years after I knew I'd never have another baby to share this photo. But, I'm glad that I have the courage to speak my truth now," the mom finished by saying.