Mom Gets Revenge on Noisy Campers Using Squawking Seagulls | 22 Words

A mom decided she wanted to get revenge on her noisy neighbors by luring some squawking seagulls onto their roof at 7 am and the results were nothing short of hilarious.

Heather Minshull, from Stockport, England, and her family were enjoying a peaceful vacation in Wales when on the last night, a group of noisy caravaners parked up on the pitch next door. They spent the night partying, playing Beatles songs very loudly, and even when Minshull asked politely, they refused to turn the volume down.

Not at all what you want when you're trying to enjoy a peaceful family vacation, right?

Heather Minshull (@heatherwildgoos) | Twitter

So of course, there was only one thing to do: Get some sweet, sweet revenge.

The mom-of-2 decided she was going to use a bunch of squawking seagulls to keep them awake like they did her. She grabbed some leftover bread and threw it onto the roof of their caravan so dozens of the loud birds were attracted to the sight. As they landed on the van, they were all screeching at the top of their lungs which eventually woke up the inconsiderate party animals.

Posting to Tik Tok, Minshull talked about the situation, adding in the caption: "Was I wrong? I think not" and "Payback's a b****."

That it is.


#payBack #IWin 😂😂

"I asked them to keep it down but they didn't, it went on for hours," she said. "So 7 o'clock this morning when I woke up I got them back."

She continued: "I checked there was no-one around and I launched a tonne of bread on the caravan roof so that this would happen. Brilliant! Wakey wakey!"

And it's clear that she had no regrets as she later added: 'The group woke up straight away. There were 3 lads in the caravan, one came out looking extremely rough as the birds went for it on the roof. They were all looking angry and rough and clueless over what was going on."

Mission accomplished. Maybe the next time they'll think about being more considerate to those around them.