Mom Urges Son To Ignore Bullies and Wear Dresses to School | 22 Words

A Florida mom has opened up about how she encourages her 4-year-old son to express himself freely by "ignoring the bullies" and "wearing dresses to school"...

And the mom's bold parenting methods have, of course, unsettled many other parents online.


Because although we're living in a very progressive era where people can live as their true, authentic selves, this freedom differs slightly when it comes to children.

Now, the LGBTQ+ community is bigger than it has ever been before...


And more and more people have been feeling the freedom to explore their true selves.

Including children, of course!


Yep, there are now so many children around the world who identify within the LGBTQ+ community and while many adults find this difficult to understand, it's actually becoming more and more common.

Of course, children exploring their genders isn't always easy...


And not everyone will understand... especially other, and much younger, children.

This is why, very sadly, many children who identify within the LGBTQ+ community and openly explore their gender are easy targets for bullies...


But one mom has recently spoken out about how she's actually been encouraging her son to "ignore the bullies" "to use gender-neutral pronouns, and to even "wear dresses if he wants to."

Educational worker Lorenza Bruno is a mom of 2...

And the thirty-year-old mom has decided to open up about how she encourages her eldest son, 4-year-old LJ, to express himself freely by wearing girls' clothing and using gender neutral pronouns.

But of course, Lorenza's parenting methods have ruffled quite a few feathers online.


As per the Daily Mail, Lorenza explained that her number one goal as a mom is to raise a good human who is open, loving, and accepting of everyone.

From a young age, she has encouraged LJ to express himself freely while ensuring she would raise a son who was kind and gentle - as well as someone who could recognize their role to create a safe and equal society for women, all cultures, and himself.

As she believes it is important to break gender stereotypes, the mom reads books to LJ that showcase different families, encourages embracing feelings, and features both male and female characters.

She also speaks to him using inclusive language such as "firefighter" instead of "fireman" as a way to educate his mind on the diverse world around him.

Lorenza always knew that LJ's interests were broad, but he first asked to wear a dress after watching the Disney film, Frozen.

Despite always being a big personality with a love for all things, this is when the conversation started around gender stereotypes and clothing.

LJ wanted a dress just like the character Elsa and as they saw the dress regularly at Target, the mom decided to buy it for her son and she was ecstatic when he twirled around in amazement and went on to wear the dress daily.

And as Lorenza wanted LJ to be able to stand up for himself and others when he felt the need to, she encouraged him to begin wearing whatever he wanted to school - which included dresses.

"'I began posting on Instagram showing off LJ's outfits for school, which includes a variety of clothing, from dresses to sequined dinosaur shirts. I am glad that he feels comfortable in his outfit choice and is able to stand up for himself and others if he feels the need to."

However, this sadly resulted in LJ being bullied by his peers for "wearing girls' clothes" and having long hair.

"As he has 'long hair,' he has often been told by friends, family, his classmates and even complete strangers that he 'needs a haircut' and has also had comments on his dresses such as, 'Dresses are for girls,' and 'You can't wear that, you're a boy' - but he has learned to stand up for himself," the mom explained.

Lorenza refuses to entertain the conversation around friends and family who disagree with their choices as although she wants LJ to stand up for himself in certain situations, she will always have his back around relatives.

The mom hopes to see the day where children are allowed to be whoever they want to be without being judged and believes that kids would have many more interests if society gave them the opportunity to live freely.

She is now writing a children's book surrounding gender stereotypes, with the aim of spreading the message that it's okay to have interests on both sides of the "gender norm" spectrum...

Which she has written with LJ in mind.

"I believe that in allowing him to express himself creatively and freely, he will also embrace others who do the same. It is so important to raise children that are open, loving, accepting, and willing to embrace different cultures and people," she said.

She continued:

"I think it is common to uplift girls who break stereotypes, which I fully agree with and I'm glad to see this long-overdue shift - but I think we have a long way to go before we see boys being accepted for more 'feminine' qualities and interests. It's important to me that LJ has the language, voice, and empowerment to do so and we've actually been practicing this for years."

The mom concluded by explaining:

​"I hope that one day, people will understand that everything is for everyone, as there is no other feeling like seeing the joy in your child's face when you let them explore their interests, expression, and the world around them."

What do you think about Lorenza's ideology when it comes to raising her son?

Do you think it's a great step in the right direction? Or do you think, as many parents online believe, she shouldn't be confusing her son in this way?