Mom Says She's Proud To Wear Pajamas on the School Drop Off | 22 Words

A mother-of-3 has divided opinions this week after she proudly revealed her somewhat controversial attire while dropping her children off at school.

Some of the comments were brutal...

Thirty-four-year-old Jodie Palmer was candid in admitting that, sometimes, she doesn't always have the time to get dressed...

So, in order to get her 2 eldest children to school on time, she'll do the dash in her pajamas.

Come on, we've all been there.


​The school run will never be an organized affair, with one too many of us finding ourselves running late a little more often than we'd care to admit.

So, when some moms find themselves simply out of time...


They'll opt to taking their kids to school in their pajamas. No big deal, right?

Though it seems that not every mother is too comfortable with doing the morning drop-off in the clothes they slept in...


Because, when Jodie, from Swindon, U.K, shared a photo of herself in her pajamas while walking with her children to their school, many people slammed her as "disgusting" and "lazy."

They weren't impressed...


However, other moms stuck up for Jodie's attire...


Noting that, as long as her children were presentable and on time, her clothing didn't matter.

Well, Jodie has hit back at the trolls.

Instead of being offended by the hurtful comments, Jodie reiterated that she is proud of her choice to take the kids to school without getting dressed.

"Yes, I am pajama mum and yes, I dropped my children at school in my pajamas and unbrushed hair.


"I am not a bad mum [sic] because I wore my pajamas - I wore my pajamas because I'm trying to be a good one."

She went on to explain that, after a tough night with her 1-year-old, she woke up late and didn't have time to get dressed.

"People might look at me and just assume I'm lazy or have no pride in myself or I'm a bad example to the kids," she wrote, "But I am the complete opposite."

"I had been up pretty much all night with my one-year-old son. I had less than a couple of hours of broken sleep."


​"But I still got up, got my kids ready for school, and got them to school on time. I just didn't have time for me, but that's ok because my priority is them, not how I look to strangers."

​"My priority is my children, I can sort myself later. They need to be washed, dressed, presentable, and fed."


Jodie went on to add that what she looked like was the last thing on her mind and that the only people who notice she was in her nightwear were grown adults.

She concluded by reminding other parents to never judge an exhausted mom in her pajamas.


"The next time you see a mum in her pajamas, why not smile at her instead of judging her because she is probably having a really hard time, but she has made sure her kids are at school, and isn't that what's important?"