'Lazy Mom' Says She Won't Play With Her Daughter | 22 Words

Mom of 1 Kristyn Sommer has admitted to being a "lazy" parent with a different approach to motherhood than other mothers, claiming her way is the right way.

The Australian mom has a Ph.D. in Child Development, so you're in safe hands when you're asking for tips on life with kids! But she won't give you the traditional answers you're so used to hearing. Sommer offers an "evidence-based approach" detailing her method in a series of clips on TikTok showing some of the things she does as a mother.

"I'm super, super lazy," she says in one of her clips. "I subscribe to the term 'lazy parenting'. Basically, I sit back and observe my child while she's playing. I try not to get involved."

She continued by saying that you should: "help as little as possible but as much as necessary. Which I think really fits into the lazy parenting ideology. I don't want to have to be constantly entertaining my child. I like to observe her and help her when she needs it, but not all the time. I also don't interrupt her. And this is a really hard thing to do when you're a parent.

"But interrupting then stops their workflow, their learning. So that's why I don't interrupt her unless she asks for help and really needs it."

But there's more...

She also emphasized "age-appropriate independence," saying she lets her baby sleep in her own double-sized bed because her daughter refused to sleep in the cot.

"My baby doesn't sleep in a cot and never has," she explained. "We had to sell it. She wouldn't let me put her down, she hated it. instead, she has a double bed."

The mom picked out a firm mattress with no pillow top so as to avoid tragedies such as SIDS from occurring, which is the sudden unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently healthy baby.

As well as this, she encourages her daughter to roam with no baby gate in sight - except the top of the stairs of course, in case she gets out of bed alone. And in getting hate comments from other moms for being a "lazy parent", Sommer says that she's sick of it and is proud of the way she parents her kids.

Some even went as far as to say she's using her child as a "project."


Some people loved her advice though!

"This makes me feel so much better about not always being on the floor with my baby. Some days I worry I'm not doing enough," one person said.

Another expressed: "I do this with my son, he's 2 now and so smart, independent, and imaginative it blows my mind lol we obviously still play together too."

While another person said: "I wish I could do this but my child wants a playmate 24/7...I am the playmate."

What do you think of the Ph.D. mom's approach to parenting?