Nikki Smith says she narrowly escaped with her life when her car blew up at the Walmart Auto Center in Phoenix. | 22 Words

A woman from Arizona, who went to Walmart for an oil change, ended up with a blown-up car instead.

Nikki Smith says she narrowly escaped with her life when her car blew up at the Walmart Auto Center in Phoenix.

Thankfully, she did not have her 3-year-old daughter strapped in her car seat at the time.

Telling TooFab, Smith spoke of the harrowing incident: "After I took my car to Walmart I started noticing that my car was driving funny and acting as if it did not want to drive," she said. "Then I noticed fluid leaking from my grill."

She then explained that the oil cap had not been replaced, and so Walmart agreed to take the car back and give it another oil change.

And according to Smith, they even assured her that the employee responsible had been fired and gave her a free oil change to compensate.

But upon leaving the premises, something still didn't feel right.

"I had numerous service lights on my car that I'd never had before, my car had also begun smoking, and was not accelerating over 20mph," she claims.

And when she called Walmart again, they told her to go to an Auto Zone for a full diagnostic, and to bring the car back. They told her that they would fix the problem, pay for the repairs, and put her in a rental car in the meantime.

And that's exactly what she did. But little did she know, the following morning would be the last time she saw her car in one piece...

Just 2 minutes after leaving the vehicle with her daughter, a worker ran to the manager's office to inform them there was smoke billowing from the car, and by the time they got outside, the car had gone up in flames, exploding right in front of them.

Smith was in a complete state of shock at the incredible timing of the incident.

However, the manager was then completely unsympathetic to the issue, telling her there was simply nothing he could do, even making her walk home from the store.

"Never one time did he apologize to me for this heartbreaking issue or even offer any help," she said. "My family and I could have lost our lives and he thinks I'm trying to gain something other than what I came to Walmart with — which is a car. I work very hard for everything I have. I work two jobs to provide for my daughter and now I don't even have a vehicle to go to either one of my jobs. I came to Walmart with a perfectly fine car and I had to WALK home with nothing.

"I'm not looking for any extra money I just need a car," she added. "I just don't deserve to be without a car due to the lack of professionalism at Walmart."

But the company only shared a small statement, still with no apology: "We are aware of the situation, and we will continue working with the customer until the matter concludes."

Smith has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for a rental car so she can make it to work on time while she waits for the issue to be resolved.

So far, the mom has raised over $2,162.

We hope she gets the justice she deserves.