Moms Are Calling On People to Ditch Baby Showers | 22 Words

Moms are calling on people to ditch baby showers and throw new moms a postpartum party instead to help them prepare for the effects of after-birth.

When many moms are told it 'comes naturally to every woman, it's easy for the thought of actually caring for your newborn baby to slip into the back of your mind while you carry the 9 months of pregnancy.

Wendy Wisner on ScaryMommy said: "While I was very grateful to have enough baby outfits to clothe practically the entire neighborhood, what I really needed in those first few weeks after having a baby was support."

"I needed all those gals who showed up to my baby shower to be there in the afternoon when my baby cried nonstop for four hours. I needed them there when I tried to latch him on in the dark and he turned away from me screaming," she continued.


In a recent article published by Bust Magazine, Author Marisa Mendez Marthaller came up with an idea: instead of throwing a mom-to-be a baby shower, throw her a postpartum party.

"What if we took all the energy, time, and money that goes into prenatal fanfare and instead put it toward helping new parents when they need it most: during the emotional and physical recovery of the first six weeks after giving birth?" Marthaller asked in the article.

Marthaller also suggests helping you set up "visiting hours," so as to establish boundaries, which is a big deal for new moms, who may become overwhelmed by visitors.

She then listed all the things your friends and family could help you with including: organizing food schedules, house cleaning, and mother sitting--i.e. holding the baby while the mom showers or goes to the toilet.

"The cool thing about this idea is that you can make it be exactly what you want it to be, and can even change it as you see fit – because, let's face it, most of us don't know what all our particular postpartum challenges will be until they actually come up," Wendy Wiser wrote.

Having a baby is so much more than just welcoming a little person into the world - it completely turns mom's lives upside down, both physically and emotionally. So a little knowledge on postpartum life is vital and we think this is a great idea!