Mother Goes Viral For Parenting Rule | 22 Words

When it comes to raising kids, we're all just trying to do the best we can and one mom has shared her number 1 parenting rule that she uses with her children.

Mary Duke shared her approach to taking pictures with her children and social media users are going crazy over her viral advice...

"I have a rule that I've never told my children," she wrote on her Instagram page, MySunShineBirth. "If one of them ever asks me to take a picture I will always say yes, no matter how I look or feel. When they show me this picture I always say, 'I love me!' Or 'I'm so pretty!"

"I don't talk negatively about my looks around my kids. Even with 30lbs of pregnancy & breastfeeding weight, I will not speak negatively about my body to my kids. Choosing to not avoid a camera, mirror or spotlight is an extension of this.

"After 6 years of being kind to myself for the sake of my children I've learned the secret. It becomes less of an act and becomes your reality. You eventually believe the words you speak to yourself."

And Instagram users were loving her positive outlook, with one commenting: "This is so amazing! My mum always talks negatively about her body in front of me and it really impacted the way I saw myself when I was younger. I challenge those thoughts now and try to do the same with her, but I wish my mum had been like that when I was growing up, it would've changed a lot!"

While another said: "+1 to this rule, with two adds - being intentional about adjectives (strong vs pretty) and not having any diet talk in the house - we eat balanced meals, no food is good or bad. And sometimes we eat the cookie before dinner."

A third commented: "A bonus is you aren't letting your kids feel like they need to be self-conscious about themselves because they see you are not. They need to say no, don't take a picture of me if that's what they feel, but it shouldn't be because they feel bad about the way they look. My mom would constantly tell me I need to suck my stomach in and stand up straight because my gut was too visible so I constantly had the thought: 'Do I look fat right now?' It was devastating as a teenager. I'm older and don't care now once I stopped hearing that constantly. You are so right in doing this!!!"

Duke believes that showing love and acceptance for herself will help her kids to learn if for themselves, and we couldn't agree more.

There needs to be a lot more of this positivity on social media!