Actress Who Interviewed to Nanny Shares Job Description | 22 Words

A Scientologist's nanny advertisement has gone viral for its sheer ridiculousness, and everyone is saying the exact same thing about it...

Admittedly, hiring a nanny will always be a lengthy process.


I mean, you don't want to place your children in the care of just anyone, do you?

Parents tend to put a lot of thought into who will take on the role of part-time carer of their offspring...


So, of course, the hiring process can be grueling.

It's understandable for parents to want the best for their children...


So they are forgiven for maybe coming across as a little intense when interviewing for a potential carer.

But recently, one family really took the biscuit.


Their job listing for a nanny has sparked outrage online, leaving people to ultimately slam them for their ridiculous list of attributes they're looking for in a successful candidate.

They haven't held back...

And of course, people couldn't help but comment on just how insane some of these requests were...

Sharing the official job requirements to Twitter, the actress warned that it was incredibly "bonkers" and after reading it, I wholeheartedly agree.


The advertisement starts off pretty tame, saying "Both of the boys to be treated with love, care, and understanding at all times," but immediately after that part, things take a weird turn.

"The main focus is to ensure their basic rudiments [it was explained in the footnotes that "rudiments" meant "sleep, food and watered] are kept in, so that they are not crying/upsetting the rest of the house."


The employer continued: "...If I am training I don't want to hear crying or tantrums or headbutting," they warned. "If they hurt themselves, keep quiet, apply Dianetics & assist tech always."

The main focus of the nanny was to keep the boys "laughing" or "playing" rather than just putting a movie on.


And let me tell you, that point was made extremely clear as they emphasized it twice: "There is to be NO movies, whilst under your care, please turn your phone OFF whilst at work."

And then comes the schedule... Let me take you through the strangest parts of that part because what the f***?


Up first, it was the typical parts, like make them breakfast and get them ready to go out to play... Besides the part about teaching one of the kids how to spit after brushing his teeth.

What followed after was even weirder, if not extreme.


​Between 9 and 11 PM, the description stated that the boys must be taken for a run.

"Get them to run, throw rocks and RUN with them, don't stop them running ever," it said. Ever? Really?

Or there was also another option besides the run.


"Take them to the park and PLAY with them. If they are not laughing, they are not happy... If they are crying and yelling, they are not happy and as a nanny you need to get them back happy again," the assignment warned.

For lunch, the menu was pretty yikes too.


Steak and ketchup with some "exciting"-looking salad. Um... What?

And straight after that, it was nap time where the boys would head up to bed with their protein bottles like every other normal child out there, right?


But that's when the real stuff kicked in for the successful candidate as the description explained how they should become a "cleaning n*zi" while they're asleep followed by a fourteen-point list of things to do.

One of the things on the list was "empty out the stinking poo poo bin." I mean, come on!

What kind of family is this?

"If you can master all of this, then we have a happy house," read the last point.

I don't know a single person that would want to master something like this. Can it even be called an achievement?

Thankfully the actress did not take the job and instead, found something else.

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