Navy SEAL Says Taliban Resurgence is 'Worst Loss in History' | 22 Words

No one is angrier about the Taliban resurgence than those who have fought there, and Robert O'Neill has been one of the thousands of American soldiers who have watched on in horror as the devastating events in Afghanistan have unfolded over the last few weeks.

Despite twenty years of trying to oust the fundamental Islamist extremists, trillions of dollars, and international militaries committing thousands of soldiers, it seems like it was all for nothing as the Taliban have taken back full control of the landlocked country.

In just a few days, the Taliban managed to retake the country just as overseas forces were preparing to pull out remaining troops. In the last couple of days, the world has watched while people cling to planes trying to leave Kabul airport and members of the U.S Embassy were airlifted to safety.

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Rumors surrounding their control include women being ousted from their jobs and sent home, those with university degrees having to burn their certificates, and all women now being forced to wear clothing that hides their whole body, as per The Guardian.

As American troops began leaving Afghanistan, the stage was set for the country to look after itself. However, it seemed almost instantaneous that the militant organization pounced at the opportunity to seize control.

The events that have unfolded over the past week have been heartbreaking for those who have served in the Middle East. Robert O'Neill, who famously was the Navy SEAL who shot and killed Osama bin Laden, is understandably furious over what has transpired.

O'Neill took to Twitter, calling U.S President Joe Biden a "disaster" and added: "This is the worst loss in American history. Our most popular president has vanished. Prove me wrong."

The former soldier also slammed U.S Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley and called on him to resign.

Osama Bin Laden and Al 'Qaeda's attack on New York City's World Trade Center in September 2001 was one of the main reasons America launched its decades-long "War on Terror." The then-president, George W. Bush ordered the Taliban to hand over the infamous terrorist to answer for his crimes against the West. They refused.

Even after Bin Laden was killed, American troops remained in Afghanistan to help local forces train to prevent a Taliban resurgence. Sadly, their efforts seemed in vain as they haven't been able to prepare them for the full force of the Taliban.

Joe Biden has now been under heavy criticism for his decision to continue to pull troops out of Afghanistan before the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. The president has defended his decision, however, by claiming it wouldn't have changed a thing if they stayed in Afghanistan or another twenty years.

"I will not mislead the American people by claiming that just a little more time in Afghanistan will make all the difference," he said. "I do not regret my decision to end America's warfighting in Afghanistan.

"There are some very brave and capable Afghan special forces units and soldiers, but if Afghanistan is unable to mount any real resistance to the Taliban now, there is no chance that one year, one more year, 5 more years or twenty more years of U.S. military boots on the ground would have made any difference."