​We're cringing for them. | 22 Words

A couple have broken the internet after they received a "mortifying" note from angry neighbors warning them their bedroom walls are paper thin...

And that they can hear everything.

Yes, everything...

We're cringing for them.

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Now, getting along with your neighbours is pretty important.

After all, you do live next door to them and are likely to see them pretty often.

It's also important to be respectful to your neighbours especially when it comes to noise.

Nobody wants a noisy neighbour.

But when your walls are paper-thin, there's not much you can do.

As one neighbour found out...

An angry neighbour has shared their story about the note they penned to their neighbour stating that their bedroom walls were paper thin.

And it's caused the internet to share stories of their own...

A photo of the letter, thought to have been sent in New South Wales, Australia, was posted to Reddit.


It begins by addressing them as "noisy neighbours" while clarifying they mean those who have just moved in.

But then, it gets straight to the point.


"Apart from your noisy daily life and chats/music at the door of your bedroom..."

"We were woken up this morning at around 12.30am mortified, drifting from what we thought is a nightmare into reality with the sounds of... with loud moaning and groaning," it read.

The letter continued to explain that they are showing "very little respect for the people living all around" and the "little kids who are traumatized by the noises."

"Your sexcapade was then followed by laughing and chatting until early morning hours. We can actually hear every word you say. Can you please keep it down," it continued.

"And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS when you have sex because it is NOT SEXY AT ALL."

It then goes on to warn them against leaving the bathroom door open, as the people on the path outside can see everything in the shower, "like the previous owners learned the embarrassing way."

It then finished by noting they're recovering sex and p*rn addicts living in the flat next to them who would appreciate them keeping their escapades private.

Before signing off anonymously from "sleep-deprived neighbours."

Yikes. Talk about straight to the point.

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