News Anchor Receives Surprise Call From Taliban | 22 Words

A BBC news anchor received a shocking call from a member of the Taliban while she was live on-air reporting on the radical group seizing the Afghan government.

As reported by the Sun, Yalda Hakim managed to stay calm as she answered her cellphone to Suhail Shaheen, who called her while she was conducting another interview while live on BBC Australia.

She quickly transferred Shaheen to a loudspeaker, so the viewers could hear their conversation, and began asking the Taliban spokesman questions.

This comes after insurgents declared victory in Kabul following the evacuation of American and British troops from the country.

"OK, we have got the Taliban's spokesperson Shail Shaheen on the line. Mr. Shaheen, can you hear me?" the Afghan-born journalist said.

After confirming, Shaheen then gave a speech in which he promised "peace" in the war-torn country.

"There should not be any confusion, we are sure the people of Afghanistan in the city of Kabul, that their properties and their lives are safe. There will be no revenge on anyone. We are the servants of the people and of this country," he said.

"Our leadership has instructed our forces to remain at the gate of Kabul, not to enter the city. We are awaiting a peaceful transfer of power," added Shaheen.

However, he did not rule out public executions and other violent punishments...

"I can't say right now, that's up to the judges in the courts and the laws. The judges will be appointed according to the law of the future government," said the spokesman, who also confirmed that the country will return to Sharia law.

"Of course, we want an Islamic government," Shaheen said during the half-hour interview.

He also claimed that the Taliban wouldn't prevent women or girls from accessing education or stop them from working.

People who watched the shocking interview have shared their thoughts online...

One Facebook user wrote: "Don't believe one word of it. How did he get her phone no? And just happened to call while she was on Live. Sounds like trying to downplay what's going on and meant to take a little heat off."

Another wrote: "'The Afghan people are safe.' Right. That's why they're flooding airports in an effort to escape Taliban fundamentalists wielding 'the religion of peace.'"

The Metro has since reported that Hakim's colleagues praised her for remaining calm and probing the Taliban member with as many questions as possible.

"Have never witnessed anything quite like what happened in studio this morning, pointing our guest mic at @BBCYaldaHakim own mobile phone as a Taliban spokesman rang it in the middle of her juggling another live interview," floor manager @swimmersjackson said on Twitter.

"Timing is everything, there was no rearranging this," he added.

Broadcaster Aasmah Mir wrote: "That BBC Taliban interview is just mind-blowing. All 32 minutes of it. Yalda Hakim is an absolute boss."