Woman Creates an Office Chair That Accommodates Needy Pets | 22 Words

Anyone who's worked from home during the pandemic can attest that sometimes your pet gets a little too needy. But one woman's ingenious invention looks set to change all that...

Pet ownership is at an all-time high.

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More people than ever before are investing in a 4-legged companion, with a survey in 2018 finding that 71.1 million households across the United States now have at least 1 pet.

And our feline friends come out on top as the most popular pet.

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Although dogs are a close second.

It turns out that we just love our pets.

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But any pet can get a little too attached sometimes.

Especially when you're working from home.

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Pets just don't understand that sometimes their owners need space!

Luckily, there's a solution.

And the internet is loving it!

If your pet just won't get off your desk...

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They can sit right beside you for maximun clinginess.

Designer Simone Giert came up with this solution.


Your pet can sit underneath or climb right up.

And even better?


There's a space for them to sit, too.

There's space for two.


Now you can work in total comfort.

We bet the pets are pleased, too!

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