Sharing the rebrand on Instagram, the company has incorporated many jokey captions and hashtags. | 22 Words

A burger chain has renamed all its items after office supplies so customers can buy something and claim it as expenses.

Safe to say, there's been a strong reaction online. Keep scrolling to find out more about the move...

Now, many companies allow employees to claim back expenses.


But only on necessary things such office supplies or travel costs.

If you're lucky, then maybe also things like uniform or parking costs.


But with one company's new rebrand, you claim more than that...

That's right, you can claim back on burgers.


A burger chain has broken the internet after it renamed all items after office supplies so that customers can claim them as expenses.

And after finding out, some people found it hilarious...


Whereas others failed to see the humor...


Good Fortune Burger, based in Toronto, has started offering #RECEATS.

Food items from their menu renamed and disguised as office supplies.

Odering a CPU Wireless Mouse is actually a bag of fries.

While a Ergonomic Aluminium Laptop Stand is actually a burger, piled high with 2 patties and cheese.

Sharing the rebrand on Instagram, the company has incorporated many jokey captions and hashtags.

Among those are: #DontGetFired, #SorryBoss, #ExpenseIt, #OrDont.

One caption even reads: "If your boss is nice, maybe don't do this. If they're not…"

Speaking to blogTO, Jon Purdy, Director of Operations at Good Fortune Burger said: "We just wanted an opportunity to put a smile on some people's faces and have them have a little bit of a giggle."

And for all those with concerns that employees may take it too far.

He emphasised that "there's no malice intended in it, it's all just fun and games."

As fun as it is, we have to agree, maybe don't try this if you want to keep your job.


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