Old Navy Responds To First Grader Asking For Girls' Jeans To Have Real Pockets | 22 Words

Women's clothing lacking pockets has long been an annoyance to the world. But now one first grader seems set to revolutionize the bizarre trend...

Gender stereotypes have always been harmful.

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The restrictive gender rules set by society have caused damage in modern society, especially to those who have ventured outside of them.

At first, those activists were shunned.

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And now, very slowly, things are starting to change.

But there's one place this change is happening much slower than the rest.

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In clothing.

While we hear a lot of stories about the breaking of gender stereotypes in other areas...

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Younger people, in particular, are often very restricted in this category.

But one first-grader fromĀ Bentonville, Arkansas, looks set to make a change.

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With a letter that's taking the internet by storm.

Because why shouldn't "female" clothing be functional?

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Who doesn't love a pocket?

Gender stereotypes are now fully being questioned...

And change is on the horizon!

Kamryn Gardner, a first-grader at Evening Star Elementary School, took matters into her own hands.


Writing a letter to Old Navy about the tyranny of fake pockets.

"Dear Old Navy,"


And amazingly, the brand responded!

They've taken her feedback on board ...


And even sent Kamryn a pair of (pocketed) jeans!

Why should little boys be expected to play with trucks and wear blue?

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And why can't little girls play with cars if they want to and wear t-shirts with dinosaurs on them?

The stereotypes surrounding gender are starting to loosen slightly...

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And we absolutely love to see it.