Oldest Person Alive Celebrates her 119th Birthday | 22 Words

A woman in Turkey has just celebrated an astonishing milestone having reached her 119th birthday, making her the oldest person in the world.

Turkish media has reported that Seker Arslan was surrounded by her family as she marked the joyous occasion in the northern city of Amasya on Sunday.

Despite her family presenting Arslan with a 120th birthday cake for the big day, according to her driving license, she is 119-years-old, being born on June 27th, 1902.

She clearly inherited her longevity from her mother, who is said to have lived to 110 years old. Arslan has 6 children and twelve grandchildren, all of which have congratulated her on breaking a world record.

Arslan's daughter, Serap Yueksel, thinks her mother's diet has contributed to her long life.

"Butter, honey, and cheese were always on the table. She used to leaven her yogurt herself. She still has a boiled egg at breakfast," Yueksel said, adding that despite suffering from Alzheimer's disease, she has stayed relatively healthy.

According to Yueksel, Arslan's only wish is the see great-grandchildren added to their family tree. She lives with her daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren, and hopes that one day she gets to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet once again.

This incredible news comes after the family's COVID scare just 6 months prior. Despite the family living together, Arslan managed to dodge the virus completely and remained in good health.

According to Turkish media, Arslan thanked her family for the birthday celebration and was thrilled to spend it with her close relatives. "Thank God, I didn't even get sick. I didn't even get the coronavirus. You have the disease, I don't either," she said.

Arslan spent her birthday praying and retelling precious memories with her family of special moments in her life. Miraculously she has lived through World War I, the Spanish Flu pandemic, the fall of the Ottoman Empire, World War II, the Cold War, and now the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the celebrations, she even received a visit from the president of the Justice and Development Party, Mesudiye Altun Guerlevik, who wished her a happy birthday.

Turkish officials want Arslan's birthday recognized so that she will officially become the oldest living person, overtaking the current record holder, Kane Tanaka of Japan, who was born 6 months later, on January 2nd, 1903.

Tanaka is currently the oldest person in the world, aged 118. But once her age is finally confirmed, Arslan will make it to the top of the world's supercentenarians, an exclusive group of people over the age of 110.

But she might have to wait a few years to beat the oldest woman ever recorded as a Frenchwoman named Jeanne Calment, born on February 21st, 1875, lived until the age of 122 when she died on August 4th, 1997!