Olympians Chant Dr. Jill Biden’s Name as She Cheers Team On | 22 Words

Members of the United States Olympic swimming team chanted Dr. Jill Biden's name as she sat in the crowd cheering on the team in Tokyo, Japan.

The First Lady sat alone in the 15,000-seat Tokyo Aquatics Centre on Saturday across the pool as she waved at Olympians preparing to kick off the swimming tournament at this year's Olympic Games. Even though she had a mask on, her eyes told the world she was smiling.


Everyone in attendance, including other teams and coaches were all sat spaced out in order to adhere to social distancing rules as the swimming portion of the Games kicked off. The U.S. contingent waved tiny American flags and pounded red-white-and-blue Thunderstix, while the Germans spread their large-sized flag over two rows of seats to show their support for their national team. As they waited for the tournament to begin, the Americans chanted "Dr. Biden, Dr. Biden" and cheered.

Even though the usual electric feeling perpetuated by massive crowds at the events wasn't there, the atmosphere was still eclectic. A mixture of tension and excitement created the perfect adrenaline rush for competitors.

Team USA snatched 6 out of a possible twelve medals that day (24th July).


Earlier in the day, Dr. Biden also watched a 3-on-3 basketball game along with French President Emmanuel Macron and hosted a softball watch party at the U.S. ambassador's residence.


We're currently on Day 3 of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As of right now, Team USA is currently ranking 2nd in the overall charts, just 1 gold medal behind the host nation, Japan. They've already managed to amass a total of fourteen medals including 7 gold, 3 silver, and 4 bronze. Closely tailing them is Russia, also known as ROC (the Russian Olympic Committee made up of 335 sportspeople) with 4 gold medals and a total of thirteen so far, and Great Britain with 3 gold medals and a total of 7 so far. These numbers are set to rise as the Games continue.