TikTok Shows It Takes Nine Olympians to Break Cardboard Bed | 22 Words

Team Israel has taken to TikTok to share a now-viral video of the team putting Olympic Village's famous cardboard beds to the test.

Athlete Ben Wanger posted the video on Monday showing him and 8 other men jumping on one of the beds to test their true capacity. After multiple attempts, the bed finally collapsed.

Tokyo's cardboard beds were rumored to have been created to prevent Olympians from getting intimate with each other and to prevent close contact with other athletes under current circumstances. The New York Times, however, has reported that the rumor wasn't true.

The general manager of the Athletes Village, Takashi Kitajima, told the Associated Press back in January last year, that the beds can hold up to 440 pounds.

@bwangah Anyone got an extra bed for me? 😅 ##OlympicTok
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The beds instead were made to be recyclable and to prevent unnecessary waste when the Games come to an end. And plans were even put in place back in 2019 before the pandemic caused the Games to be called off in 2020.

Wanger, a member of the Israeli Olympic baseball team, says at the beginning of the viral video: "Been getting a lot of questions about the beds in the Olympic Village, so today we're gonna check and see how many Israelis it takes to break one of these cardboard beds." The video has since been viewed over 450,000 times since it was posted.

At first, Wanger jumps on the bed alone, but slowly more and more team members step on the bed until 9 of them cause the carboard to finally break under the weight of them all.

And people on social media have been sharing their opinions on the athletes' behavior...

One Facebook user wrote: "These players should be banned. Why do you have to destroy it just to prove it's not sturdy? What's your point then? Do you expect 5-star hotel accommodation? We're in a pandemic, what a behavior! Such a disgusting thing to see."

While another commented: "Shame for the people who made this. It's not even theirs in the first place. No matter how cheap the bed maybe, they should know that the host country made a lot of effort to accommodate these people. Such a disgrace to your own country."

"Should be charged with disciplinary actions for vandalism and forfeited participation." A third wrote.

Other Olympians have also put the beds to the test. Using the hashtag #cardboardbed, a variety of athletes from different sports have all tried their hand at destroying the beds. So much so, the hashtag has gained over 5.3 million views, with video after video showing athletes testing the strength of the beds and also just showing off their living quarters to fans.

What do you think of their actions?