Oregon Church Praised For Putting Out Inclusive and Political Messages | 22 Words

A church in Oregon has been praised for sharing inclusive and political messages, which would usually been seen as unconventional.

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The debate surrounding religion has been ongoing for a long time.

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For many years now, the somewhat outdated values various religions bring have caused conflict.

Even if you do believe in a God of some sort, you have to admit that, because these scriptures were written thousands of years ago...

Some of their values are a little questionable.

But there's one pastor who is on a mission to challenge what you think about religion...


And he's been praised for it so far...

Since taking the reigns at Clackamas United Church of Christ in Milwaukie, Oregon, Pastor Adam Ericksen has been reclaiming the original, inclusive message of Christ...

By putting into practice, what he teaches.

Speaking with Bored Panda, Ericksen said: "I came to the Clackamas United Church of Christ about a year and a half ago and realized that we needed to get our message out into the neighborhood."

And so, that what he did...

"So we started a fundraiser for the sign and I started posting those messages. People began to stop as they drove by to thank me for the messages. But I didn't know it would have an online impact, too."

"Amidst the pain of the world and all the hate, people are thirsty for something deeper. The truth of the Gospel is that all people are loved. The sin is when we start treating certain people and groups as if they are not loved. Jesus was most critical of those who used religion as an excuse to marginalize others. We are merely seeking to follow Jesus in the best way we can."

After fundraising for church sign, Ericksen began posting messages of love and inclusion.

"I decided that we needed to be bold with our message of love and inclusion, especially for those who are marginalized especially by religion," he said.

"My goal is is to be part of a larger movement that is reframing or redefining Christianity so that it's based on God's love for all people, but especially those who are marginalized."

So, here's some of the best messages he's shared: