New Oreo Packaging Lets You Hide Bags From Your Kids | 22 Words

We all love Oreos, right? The signature cookies and cream flavor is impossible to beat, and there's a good reason they're known as top-tier snack food. But there is one big problem with Oreos that not enough people are talking about. The fact you sometimes have to share them, of course!

We've all had the same heartbreaking experience, right? You spend all day looking forward to indulging in your favorite cookie snack, only to reach for your packet and discover that they're all gone. And the biggest culprit for sneaking into your own personal Oreo supply? It has to be the kids of the household, right?

Well, now Oreo has come up with an innovative solution. The latest packaging design for their Oreo Thins is an ingenious way to help prevent the tragic scenario of having your cookies pinched.

How, you may ask? Well, by disguising them. Oreos have partnered with a whole range of classic brands to create cookie packets that don't look like cookies at all.

The new Oreo packets conceal the cookies within packages that your kids will have absolutely no interest in. There's a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook and a Ford manual. But our personal favorite has to be the rice and veggies - which kid would reach for that in the pantry?

"Our latest drop: limited-edition OREO THINS camouflaged packs... We figured no one can eat your THINS if they can't find them!" Oreos joked.

And even more excitingly? Oreos are launching a competition alongside these limited edition packets. They're encouraging parents to "share the stealthiest hiding spot for your THINS" in order to win a big prize. The brand will pick their favorite location and gift the lucky parent $25,000. Now that's got us thinking. You could then use the $25,000 to rent a personal bunker to hide your Oreos in forever and ever...

But if you're looking for some more reasonable inspiration, Instagram commenters have offered some ingenious suggestions. "My makeup vanity I wish you guys had one to look like a makeup palette," one clever mom wrote. "Toolbox, Dewalt battery packs," a resourceful dad added. "In the freezer, preferably inside a half-empty bag of peas," another commenter suggested. Honestly, people of the internet are so creative.

Many are loving this clever new design. "How funny..and such a good idea haha," wrote one Facebook user.

However, others pointed out a couple of potential issues. "Good fun idea until a cashier rings up 50,000 for the car instead of the cookie price!" one joked. And one pointed out the fatal flaw in the design. "Still makes the same noise at midnight."

Good point - but until Oreos come up with silent packaging, that's just something we're going to have to deal with!