Parenting Expert Reveals the Impact of Yelling at Your Kids | 22 Words

A parenting expert has revealed the devastating impact that shouting at your kids has on their mental state and their relationships with you.

Of course, TikTok is a place for fun, controversy, and sometimes even education, especially with the rise of parenting experts using the platform to spread awareness. But Csilla Love, a conscious parenting coach and a mom of 2, has recently demonstrated the potentially negative effects of parents yelling at their kids.

Love used roleplay to emphasize the damage in which yelling can cause to your child's relationship with themselves and even with you.

Love, portraying the role of the mom said: "I am feeling so overwhelmed and angry right now, which is causing me to yell at you because I want you to do as you've been told!"

Then as a child: "Your yelling can actually make my behavior worse rather than better which means you'll have to yell at me more to correct it and the cycle will continue."

"Your yelling is also changing the way my brain develops because I am processing these negative emotions much quicker than the positive ones.

"Not only am I feeling hurt, scared, and sad when you're yelling at me, this verbal and emotional abuse can cause depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and aggression when I grow up."

She then continued to explain the negative effects on the parent-child relationship.

"Our relationship will become unstable and volatile when we are unable to communicate in a healthy way. I will start to pull away from you and become more influenced by my peers."

Fellow TikTokers took to the comments to express how much they identify with the video.

One person expressed that, "When my parents yelled at me, I just didn't care anymore."

While another person said: "I don't want to spend time with them and to get back at them, I didn't do what I was told."

In a recent WebMD article, Joseph Shrand, Ph.D., instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Author said: "Kids are actually going to listen less when you yell at them.

"As soon as you begin to raise your voice, you activate their limbic system, which is an ancient part of the brain that's responsible for, among other things, the fight-or-flight response. You're basically saying, 'You have no value to me' and a human being, in their heart of hearts, simply wants to feel valued by another human being."

Love has a whopping 135.2k followers, a collection of 2.4 million likes, and even offers parenting courses.

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