Genius Parenting Hack Makes You Workout Every Day | 22 Words

Working out can be difficult. Even those who are more motivated than others have days where they just don't want to move, especially if they spend their days running around after their kids.

But one mom has recently discovered a brilliant parenting hack that will give people the right amount of motivation they need to work out every day without fail... not forgetting that discipline helps too, of course!

The mom, going by @Emdash80 on TikTok, shared her parenting hack that encourages her to get her workout in each day without fail.

"Hey, pro-tip to all those parents who work out at home," she begins in her video. "Train your kids that they only get screen time when you're working out and the 1st question of their mouth will be: "when are you riding today, mom?" It's kind of like living with 2 little personal trainers, and I've got a hell of a workout streak going."

With a whopping 38.9k likes 258,000 views, this mom received a lot of comments for her genius hack.

"You are the smartest woman alive!" one woman said. "This is genius. Now I need a child," another commented with the viral mom replying that: "They're pretty handy to have around sometimes."

"Yesss... my son says 'mommy are you gonna workout?' well I guess I am lol," another wrote. "My kids only get. to play their Nintendo switches while I'm at the gym. Yeah, it works lol," another noted.

But some people weren't so sure.

"The last thing I need is my kids nagging me to do something else," a woman wrote while one humorously added: "I do this, but with sleeping in."

It can be hard for moms who have young kids to find the time to exercise, but there's a lot of advice out there to help.


Intermountain healthcare advice parents to: "Aim for shorter workouts," in order to still fit some exercise in.

"None of us have the same amount of time as we did before our kids came along. Don't let lack of time stop you from being fit. Even a short workout can be effective. Shoot for twenty minutes," they wrote.

It's definitely worth bribing your kids with screen time to get a little bit of exercise in.

Let us know what you do to get your workout in around your kids!