Teenager Blown Away by Parents' 'Outrageous' Rent Request | 22 Words

An eighteen-year-old took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for moving out after his parents tried to make him pay an outrageous sum to live in their house.

The teenage boy explained his situation on Reddit's "Am I the A**Hole" forum and stated that he would be starting college soon. He then claimed his parents have told him he will have to start paying rent and bills if he wanted to stay at home. Fair enough, right?

But what makes this situation rather unique is that they wanted him to pay $1,300 a month! Which anyone can agree is totally unrealistic and Reddit users have shared their opinions on his situation...

"Before my 18th b-day over a month ago, my parents started talking about how they expect me to pay for rent and half the bills if I expect to stay there," he explained.

"That wasn't the problem. The issue was they were expecting me to pay $1,300 a month for the tiny room that I share with my little brother. Not including half of the bills they expected me to pay. Most apartments in our city are around that range but that's for a whole apartment, not a single bedroom plus sharing space with everyone else. Most of my paycheck would just be going to that then. I [told] my parents I don't [have] a problem with helping with the bills and paying for my room if they made the rent lower. They said that's how much they agreed on so that's what I'd have to pay if I wanna keep staying there."


He accepted the ultimatum they gave him and he subsequently decided to move out, which his parents took as an insult...

"I said fine and talked to one of my friends I already knew had his own place but was looking for a new roommate for the past three months," he wrote. "Ended up going with him and he added me to the lease. My own room and bathroom, plus the total for rent and my half of the bills it's way less than the rent by itself that my parents expected me to pay.

"But the thing is they're super mad at me for leaving. My mom ignored me when I moved out, my dad kept saying how he's so disappointed in me. For a while, they were hoping to rely on me with helping out with their mortgage payments on the house also with the bills. So now that I've chosen to leave, my dad says I'm going to leave them really struggling and he can't believe I decided to be selfish instead of helping my family out."

Reddit users were totally on board with the teens decision to move out...

"For a parent to try to charge their barely-legally-an-adult son that amount of money for his freaking childhood bedroom is outrageous," one person commented.

"It's an absurd amount of money to pay for a shared bedroom," another wrote while someone else added: "They really shot themselves in the foot with their greed."

What do you think about the extortionate rent charge? Do you think it was OTT of the parents to expect so much money from their son?