Parents Sharing the Ways They Soothe Their Kids’ Nightmares | 22 Words

People on Reddit have been sharing all of the beautiful ways in which they soothe their children when they're having nightmares.

A parent on Reddit going by the name u/badgersister shared how they soothe their child during a nightmare in the parenting subreddit saying: "When my children were very little and woke with a nightmare, I told them that their brain gave them a scary dream to wake them up because they had to go pee and their brain didn't want them to wet the bed."

Clever right? All parents have been there, waking up at 3 am to the sound of their kids crying apologetically for wetting the bed... but this parent might just have found the solution to that.

"After they went pee, I told them their brain would let them sleep now with no more scary dreams. It worked so well that they would wake from a nightmare, go to the toilet and go back to bed without calling me."



While several commenters said that the advice was "gold", others chipped in with their own advice.

"I have my kids try to list off ten things they would like to dream about. Changes what they are focused on, and it's too long of a list for them to successfully complete it while tired," f*ckfakeboom wrote.

"I used to pretend my pillow was a computer and I would order dreams from the dream store. Had very little nightmares as a child after I started doing that," MediocreAnchovies expressed.

In fact, there were over 154 comments from parents and even non-parents recollecting their own childhood, expressing what helps them with soothing.

"I always go pee after a nightmare. It gives me a minute to process and clears my mind. Plus, after birthing 2 kids, I usually have to pee at any given moment," another admitted.

"Mine is 4 now and night terrors are rarer - when he was 2 or 3 there was a period when he'd have night terrors every night. I somehow figured out that his body needed weight and containment... so a kid-sized weighted blanket solved it for us!" one person shared.


Another adorable story was shared too and it just melted hearts:

"You're the one making the dreams, so next time you see something you don't like, turn around and tell them 'this is my dream and I'd like to enjoy it, so get out.' So what are you going to say if you see a scary monster?"

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