People Are Convinced Shakira Has Cryptically Come Out | 22 Words

People are convinced that Shakira has cryptically come out on social media.

Earlier this week, the "Hips Don't Lie" star changed her header photo and profile picture on social media to a blurred picture of the colors pink, white, orange and red.

The blurred mix of colors on her pictures are also, coincidentally, the same colors that happen to be used on the lesbian Pride flag.

The forty-four-year-old singer is currently in the processing of promoting her new single called "Don't Wait Up", which is due to be released on July 16th.

It appears that changing her profile pictures to the colors pink, white, orange, and red is for the artwork of her new single.

However, many people have questioned whether the choice of colors is simply a coincidence, or whether it could be a cryptic coming out message.

Taking to Twitter, fans have been crazy over the thought of it being a cryptic message.

"Shakira made me gay so if she comes out as a lesbian in the year 2021 I will ascend to another plane. if this is just some insane coincidence I will simply perish," one person tweeted.

"Is Shakira coming out of not I cannot withstand this stress all day come on," said another.

"Shakira is coming out? omg I'm so proud of her, good for her, good for her," a third person tweeted.

But, while many people are excited by the possible meaning behind the change, others have said that she could be accused of "queerbaiting."

"Y'all if Shakira isn't coming out then WHAT possessed her to use what is so blatantly the lesbian pride flag I've seen ppl say it wouldn't be queerbaiting but literally what other reason is there to use a PRIDE FLAG," one person tweeted.

"BREAKING: Shakira has decided to queer bait," said another.

Shakira has been in a relationship with footballer, Gerard Piqué since 2011 after they met a year prior and they have 2 children together. So, it looks like she may not be coming out after all...