Cafe Uses Peppa Pig Drawing To Sell Bacon Sandwiches | 22 Words

We all know where bacon comes from, right? But for many of us, the experience of eating the tasty breakfast meat remains reliant on some level of cognitive dissonance. It's a little bit harder to enjoy chowing down when you think about the cute little piggy that had to sacrifice its life for your sandwich, after all ...


However, it seems one cafe didn't get the memo. Gordon Street Cafe, on Market Street in Edinburgh, UK, has come under fire for its rather ... unusual way of advertising its bacon sandwiches. Rather than emphasizing the delicious taste, the cafe has chosen instead to call upon a rather familiar face - of the porcine variety.

The cafe used none other than Peppa Pig to encourage kiddies to order the sandwich. The cafe displayed a controversial chalkboard outside its doors featuring Peppa, a plus sign, and two slices of bread - and even a creepy yellow smiley face, as per EdinburghLive.

The cafe also featured a cow cartoon from the children's show The Magic Roundabout , presumably advertising a beef sandwich.

Many people have found the sign in incredibly poor taste - particularly when using the sign to advertise to young children. One person wrote: "That's going to make a lot of children question food. I support that but damn this is pretty sick."

Another added: "Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian that could be really upsetting. My kids would be absolutely traumatized if they saw that sign, it's really not funny. A third agreed, writing: "Every kid would be upset by this - like come on! Cartoon animals?! Animals are bad enough!"

However, others think parents are being a little bit over-sensitive in this instance. "Oh FFS. Really. My kids have known exactly where their food has come from since they started eating it!!! Get a grip, people!" one angry Facebook commenter quipped. Another agreed, expanding: "I like the honesty. My kids know what meat is made from. That's why they don't want to eat it. So what? Should I lie to them to make meat more attractive? After all, it shows that kids are compassionate. I simply can't see a problem with these cartoons. Don't order it if your kids don't want to eat it. Or go to another restaurant in the first place."

Others found the sign funny, with one adding: "Quite amusing, my kids would be more likely to eat bacon sandwiches seeing that, they also would find it funny, what a snowflake society we live in." While another brutal commenter simply joked: "We used to call Peppa Pig "Bacon" in our house!"

What do you think of the sign? Is it insensitive - or is the world taking it a little too seriously?