16. Idris Elba | 22 Words

Ah, photoshop. Truly, it's one of the modern wonders of the world. Sometimes it gives us hilarious fails, and other times, it offers us a truly magical visual experience. And the latest photoshop trend to go viral falls very much into the latter camp.

Ard Gelinck had a truly ingenious idea, photoshopping celebrities alongside younger versions of themselves. Some will make you laugh, some will tug on your heartstrings - but all of them are things of beauty. Scroll on for all of our favorites.

60. Keanu Reeves

It's true: the man doesn't age.

59. Robin Williams

We won't lie, this one kind of made us sad.

58. Clint Eastwood

Back in a simpler time, before he started yelling at chairs.

57. Daniel Radcliffe

Is he any taller than he was as a youth, though?

56. Leonardo DiCaprio

Still a cutie, not gonna lie.

55. Tom Hanks

One Tom Hanks brings a smile to our face - but two is even better!

54. Bruce Willis

The hair may have changed, but the attitude remains the same.

53. The Rock

Props for using that iconic chain photo, too.

52. Reese Witherspoon

That beaded necklace is giving us all kinds of nostalgia.

51. Brad Pitt

Choosing two pics wearing almost the same outfit is a genius touch.

50. Johnny Depp

Yikes. This one's gotta hurt.

49. Jennifer Aniston

Still an undeniable stunner with an irresistible smile.

48. Meryl Streep

The epitome of aging gracefully right here.

47. Lady Gaga

She's always had that same beautifully striking look.

46. Julia Roberts

From a cutie to a total beauty.

45. Will Smith

Another entry into the "has not aged at all" club.

44. Haley Joel Osment

This has gotta be the cutest entry on the list, right?

43. Jeff Bridges

Young Jeff Bridges has got us feeling some type of way. Who knew?

42. Angelina Jolie

One of the most instantly recognizable faces in the industry, then and now.

41. Mary Kate and Ashley

From smiling kids to a pair of rather ... ill-looking adults.

40. Winona Ryder

Beautiful then, and beautiful now.

39. Al Pacino

Young or old, he has always had an undeniably charismatic look.

38. Brigitte Bardot

She's lived hard and she looks good for it!

37. Jennifer Lopez

Another one who looks basically exactly the same as their younger self.

36. Pink

You can't deny she's retained her signature style and stayed true to herself.

35. Ellen DeGeneres

How is it possible that she now looks younger?

34. Matthew Perry

He's not been looking too hot recently, and fans are worried.

33. Bruce Springsteen

The Boss has aged like a fine wine.

32. Jane Fonda

As stunning then as she is now.

31. Robert Redford

Is it just us, or has it got a little bit warm in here?

30. Prince Harry

Baby Harry is a total Archie clone, and we love it!

29. George Clooney

Seeing this hunk without his signature gray hair is, frankly, quite weird.

28. Jim Carrey

His looks have changed but his goofy personality hasn't!

27. Eminem

And who said he never smiles?

26. Debbie Harry

How does she still look this good?

25. Lisa Kudrow

Phoebe would make a stellar fifty-year-old. Now that's spinoff we'd watch.

24. Dolly Parton

"I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb... and I also know that I'm not blonde."

23. Jodie Foster

She was such a cute kid.

22. Bruno Mars

How have we never seen those Elvis-impersonation pics before?

21. Elton John

This Rocketman may have toned down his glasses, but his attitude is still the same.

20. George Michael

That hair is really the essence of the '80s.

19. Justin Timberlake

Boy oh boy, those noodle locks were a sight to behold.

18. Michelle Pfeiffer

As stunning now as she ever was.

17. Christiano Ronaldo

And the award for cutest baby picture has to go to ...

16. Idris Elba

We can't decide which era Idris we have a bigger crush on.

15. Madonna

An icon through many eras.

14. David Schwimmer

This is probably the Friend who has changed the least.

13. Whitney Houston

A true legend who was beautiful until the end.

12. Amy Schumer

She always had that same cheeky grin.

11. Mick Jagger

He made a surprisingly cute and clean-cut kid!

10. Ariana Grande

That toothy grin is everything to us.

9. Miley Cyrus

Her infectious smile hasn't changed one bit.

8. Ruper Grint

He'll always be Ron Weasley to us!

7. Katy Perry

Is it just us, or is that child photo a little bit ... off?

6. Sarah Jessica Parker

That hair is really something.

5. Kim Kardashian.

Could this be the cutest entry on our list? We think it might just be.

4. Tom Cruise

Bonus points for that ultra-patriotic editing.

3. Shawn Mendes

Now, this is what we call a glow up.

2. Conan O'Brien

From an awkward-looking kid to a ... well, still a pretty awkward-looking adult, actually.

1. Emma Watson

That fact she's single (sorry, "self-partnered") absolutely boggles the mind. Want some more cute throwbacks? Scroll on to see what became of some of your favorite child stars.